My Scottish DNA and Matchbox Results

Someone signed me up for the Scottish DNA Facebook Page. Probably because I administer a Frazer DNA Project. The Scottish DNA Facebook Page has a Matchbox utility which I had never used until now. The administrators checked the people who hadn’t used it and put out a request for Scottish DNA members to run matchbox. Their interest got me to act.

My Scottish Matchbox Matches

My grandmother was a Frazer. That is Scottish, but her ancestors since the 1700’s at least lived in Ireland. That means that I am potentially up to 25% Scottish. However, I would think it possible that I could match other members of the Scottish DNA Facebook Page on non-Scottish Lines. I ended up with 21 matches.


I had run Matchbox at the Newfoundland Gedmatch Facebook Page before, so I was a little familiar with it. Still, it took a little while to figure out how to use it. The Facebook Name on the right is to identify Scottish DNA members so they can be tagged. Then they will know that someone matches them or a DNA kit they administer.

Jane at Scottish DNA Matchbox

I match with Jane at the above Matchbox match list about halfway down the list. I have looked at Jane’s DNA quite a bit as she is part of the Frazer DNA Project that I administer. In fact, due to intermarriage, we match on two different Frazer Lines:

I’m not in the next Frazer Branch shown:

Jane is in this Archibald Frazer/Stinson Branch. The place where we match is one level up. Our common ancestor is another Archibald Frazer.

Here is my DNA match with Jane:

I have mapped out my DNA. Here is my Chromosome 12:

I am the third sibling down (Joel). My match with Jane is to the right side of the Chromosome where I am clearly Frazer on my paternal side.

I also triangulate with Jane and other people from the Richard Frazer Branch on Chromosome 12:

Green in the box indicates a triangulating DNA match. This indicates that our common ancestor is Richard Frazer and his unknown wife. As expected, the DNA match is not with the more distant (to me) Archibald Frazer/Stinson Branch.

Top Matchbox Match Sharon

Sharon is at the top of my list above. When I run the one to one for Sharon, the match is not as close as it looks on the overall list:

Sharon and I have two smaller matches on Chromosomes 9 and 10.

At the start of my Chromosome 9, I have mapped myself as (orange) Hartley:

That means a non-Scottish match as my Hartley ancestors were from Lancashire, England.

However, at the right end of my Chromosome 10, I have Frazer DNA:

Hartley Matches: Babe, Neil, Cindy and Teckie

To make sure, I run my match against my paternal side phased kit at Gedmatch and get this match with Babe:

Unfortunately, on this part of my Chromosome 10, I have Hartley DNA also:

Neil on my match list also shows as under my Hartley DNA, but on Chromosome 1. Cindy maps to my Hartley side on Chromosome 15. Teckie is a Hartley match on Chromosome 16.

Matchbox Amy, Donna, Greene, WTD, Joan and John: Neither Here Nor There

I show a match with Any, but when I look for her on my phased paternal and maternal DNA match lists at Gedmatch, I can’t find her. That must mean that her match got phased out. So far, other than Jane, nothing is panning out.

I get the same thing for Donna further down the list. Here is what her non-phased match looked like:

I got similar results for Greene, WTD, Joan and John.

Gary and Elizabeth: Non-Scottish Match

These two appear to be related. Here is my match with Gary:

Here is a broken match. I have Chromosome 9 mapped as Hartley for myself, so I’ll rule this out also as a Scottish match. Elizabeth is about the same match, but only the second part of the match above.

Elizabeth #2: Genuine Scottish

The second Elizabeth on my list has DNA in the area of the Jane I mentioned above who shares Frazer ancestry with me:

I take that as a good sign. If Jane and Elizabeth match each other, that means that we have triangulation. Here is how Jane and Elizabeth match each other:

My guess is that Elizabeth’s ancestry goes back to the Frazers in Roscommon, Ireland.

Sallee, MPS, Jane and Shannon Match on Chromosome 20

Sallee, MPS, Jane and Shannon match on an area of Chromosome 20 that is mapped to my Frazer side. Unfortunately, I have what I consider to be an overmatch area on Chromosome 20 with hundreds of matches. Here is my match with Sallee:

These matches may be significant, but due to the number of matches I have, it would take a lot of work to analyze these matches. Plus the number of matches that I have make me skeptical as to the quality of the matches.

The Jane I mention above is the 2nd Jane on my list.

Jean: Genuine Scottish DNA

Here is my match with Jean:

I have all Frazer (blue) DNA on my Chromosome 22:

My Match with Bear on Chromosome 6

I have all Frazer DNA on Chromosome 6. Here is the match:

This match is in an area I have mapped to my Clarke and Spratt ancestors who lived in County Sligo:

Let’s see if Bear matches Stephen:

As expected, they match and triangulate.

Here is how Stephen matches me:



All the Matchbox matches were either on my paternal side or false DNA matches.

  • Paternal – 71%
  • Unphased (false matches) 29%

Of the paternal matches more came out on my Frazer Scottish side than my Hartley non-Scottish side: 9 Frazer and 7 Hartley. My match with Sharon was on both sides.

Two of the matches triangulated with known matches that have known genealogical connections to me. These were with Elizabeth and Bear and would be worth following up on.

Two of the Frazer side DNA matches were in chromosome areas where I had no identified Frazer matches.

Four matches were from Chromosome 20 where I have hundreds of matches that I cannot identify.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Use your phased results if they are available. When I did this, I found that 29% of my matches fell out as false matches.
  • If you have mapped your DNA, use that information. That will further eliminate matches that you are not looking for.
  • 9 out of 21 or 43% of my Matchbox matches were along my Frazer (Scottish) grandparent side
  • If you have existing identified matches with Scottish background, check to see if there is triangulation with those matches to determine common ancestors.
  • These results are based on my own genealogy where only one of my grandparents has Scottish background.





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