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I was quite excited recently to hear from John. He saw that I had posted my cousin Paul’s DNA results at MyHeritage. John knew of no Frazer ancestry in his , but did mention McMaster ancestry in Sligo. I wrote back and asked John about his ancestry. Here is his letter:


My Grandmother (on my mother’s side) was Elizabeth McMaster married to Charles Roycroft. I was aware of Arthur McMaster as a relative when growing up in Sligo but I never met him. The additional information regarding her siblings, parents and grandparent I got from the 1901 and 1911 census where Arthur, Archie and Catherine McMaster were listed as farmers at Dromore, Kilmactranny. The attached Roycroft family tree is on Excel (from left to right instead of from top down) with some additional information included as comments in the cells with a little red triangle in the top right hand corner. Hoping you can bridge the gap!


B 26/11/1871 Charles Roycroft
D 13/01/1925
M –/–/1910
B –/–/1888 Elizabeth McMaster
D 19/12/1965
B –/–/1883 Arthur William McMaster
B –/–/—- 4th McMaster
B –/–/1892 Lily Margaret McMaster
B –/–/1850 Archie McMaster
B –/–/1854 Jane …………..
B –/–/1829 Catherine ………….



Now, I have a few McMaster Web Pages that I can dust off. All I have to do is find an Archie who married a Jane. I was able to find this family, but I had to look at two of my web pages. I have one web page on the McMasters where I mention different lines of McMasters in the Kilmactranny Parish area of County Sligo. I was not able to tie them all together.

McMasters Everywhere

Here is Archie from my McMasters of Dromore Web Page:

I am more related on Jane’s side. Jane was also a McMaster. To complicate things, I have that both of Jane’s  and Archibald’s parents were McMasters! Talk about being related. So John’s Elizabeth must be the Ann Elizabeth that I have.

McMaster DNA Tree

I already have a tree for some McMasters that have had their DNA tested. I’ll just add John in on my James McMaster Sr/Fanny McMaster side. But…

Uh Oh, Problems

While looking at my references, I found one that goes against what John and I had. Here is a wedding that someone I know transcribed from the Kimactranny Church:

This throws a wrench in the works. John had that Elizabeth was the daughter of Archie McMaster and Jane. That seemed to correspond with my records that had Ann Elizabeth as the daughter of Achibald McMaster and Jane McMaster.

Going back to my web page, I see a Lizzie Jane here that seems to match the marriage record:

I guess it could be confusing having an Ann Elizabeth born in 1887 and a Lizzie Jane born in 1888. I hope John doesn’t mind me swapping out his grandmother. My guess is that the person doing the wedding got Lizzie’s dad right. Also Mary Kate, who was a witness at the wedding, was a younger sister of Lizzie Jane. There was an Arthur in this McMaster family also.  Perhaps it was this Arthur that John had heard about.

Here is Lizzie Jane 1901:

It looks like the father Robert had died four years prior to this time. However, that brings up a question as to Helena. When I look at the Census, she shows as 5 months old.

Here is the tree I come up with:

The record for Edward McMaster’s birth in 1851 is missing. That could be because he was born during a time when the records at Kilmactranny Church were either not recorded or lost.

John’s DNA

That was a bit of a complicated introduction to John’s genealogy. What about the DNA?

First, I looked at how my cousin Paul matched John. I noted that Paul and John’s shared DNA Match was Emily. I also noted that there was a triangulation icon next to Emily. That means that Paul, John and Emily share one or more common segments. Triangulation means that Paul, Emily and John should also share common ancestors.

MyHeritage circles the segments that are in common and triangulate. The red matches are Paul’s matches with John. The yellow matches are Paul’s matches with Emily.

These circled areas are on Chromosome 3 and 18.

If I have it right, Abraham McMaster and his wife Margery would be the common ancestors between John, Emily and Paul. In this scenario, John is a fourth cousin to Emily and Paul. Emily and Paul are 2nd cousins to each other.  This fits in with MyHeritage’s prediction that Paul and John are 3rd-5th cousins by the amount of DNA that they share.

I also note that four of my siblings have shared DNA matches with Paul and John, but not me.  However, my siblings don’t have the triangulation sign.

Now in a previous Blog on the subject, I was able to infer triangulation between Ron, Steve, Lori and Emily:

The above triangulation was on Chromosome 13. So perhaps Stephen, Ron, and John all descend from Robert McMaster. Emily is a key person as she is in both Triangulation Groups.

Summary and Conclusions

  • McMaster Genealogy is confusing. In addition, the DNA can be confusing due to intermarriages.
  • John is the first DNA match to my family that matches primarily on the McMaster side. Ron and Stephen also share McMaster DNA with me, but their primary match is on another line (Clarke).
  • I think that I have Ron, Stephen and John in the right tree descending from Roibert McMaster. There could be other McMaster connections, but I just looked at the closest ones.
  • John’s paper trail is clearer than Ron and Stephen’s. John has a good marriage record for his grandparents that ties Lizzie Jane to the Robert and Anne McMaster family. The 1901 Census also makes the relationships clear.
  • The birth record for Edward McMaster is missing. However, many other records for many years were missing from the Kilmactranny Church. Edward’s wedding record gives his Father’s name as Robert and his mother as Mary which would fit into the tree as I have it.
  • Triangulation appears to put Stephen and Ron in the Sligo McMaster family.
  • Triangulation also confirms the genealogical evidence for John’s grandmother.
  • I am happy to find a McMaster relative through DNA matching. It would be helpful if John and Ron uploaded their DNA results to Gedmatch.com for more DNA analysis.
  • There must be a lot of McMaster descendants, so I must have a lot more McMaster relatives.


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