Three New Latvian Matches at MyHeritage

I was pleasantly surprised recently to get three rather close DNA matches to myself and my family on my mother’s side. The three Latvian matches are Normunds, Elina and Zanda. Normunds is the father and Elina and Zanda are the daughters. These three matches are on my Rathfelder side.

Adding the New Matches to My Rathfelder Tree

I keep a combination genealogy/DNA match tree. This is what I have so far for the Rathfelder tree:

I need to add the three matches under Vera:

this shows that my mother and Vera are first cousins. that means that my siblings and I are 2nd cousins with Normunds and 2nd cousins once removed with Elina and Zanda. I have this photo of Vera from my cousin Anita:

How We Match by DNA

For some reason, I can’t see the detailed DNA results for Normunds or Zanda. I do see results for Elina:

DNA Painter

This information can be added on to my DNA Painter profile. This is how it looks now:

This shows that I am ‘painted’ overal 52%. This means that I have identified 52% of my DNA by known matches. On the representation above, the paterrnal side is the top part of each chromosome and the maternal part is the bottom of each chromosome. Here is just my maternal side:

This shows that I am painted 45% on my maternal side or a little less than half.

When I add Elina, this gets my maternal side up to 47%:

That also raised my overall ‘painted’ level to 53%.

Normunds DNA

At first I couldn’t see the specific matches for Normunds’ DNA but Zanda made the corrections, so I can now see his results. Here they are:

I’m interested to see how this will have an effect on my DNA Painter Profile. A second cousin is usually the best person to have for a match because they represent the DNA of one grandparent  – in this case, my grandfather Alexander Rathfelder. It turns out that there is no overall effect for Normunds. This is perhaps because he overlaps with other Rathfelder matches. There was a difference, but not enough to bring the painted percentage up overall or on the maternal side.

Here is Chromosome 15:

This would indicate that Carolyn’s match is spurious. She matches at 8 cM and a certain percent of small matches are inaccurate or false matches. The other orange matches all have Henry [Heinrich] Rathfelder and Maria Gangnus as common ancestors.

Here is what MyHeritage shows between myself and Normands:

This turns out to be more than average DNA for 2nd cousins to share:

This study shows that 229 cM would be average.

Normunds and Gladys Rathfelder

As Normands has as much or more Rathfelder DNA than his daughters and as my mother has more than her children, I’ll look at the match between Gladys and Normunds:


Normally, I don’t paint my own first cousins’ matches. This is because a first cousin normally just distinguishes between paternal and maternal side. However, for my mother, it looks like I painted hers:

Here the blue color is Rathfelder/Gangnus (1st cousins). This is just my mom’s paternal Rathfelder side. Also I usually have a lighter color for closer relatives, so the more distant, darker color relatives can shine through. My mom is currently at 40% painted on her paternal side and 35% painted overall. Let’s see if Normunds makes a difference.

Here I changed Rathfelder/Gangnus DNA to a more subtle yellow. This got my mom painted up to 44% on her paternal side and 37% painted overall.

Normunds adds some new DNA to my mother’s profile on Chromosome 1:

On Chomosome 2, Normunds overlaps with Angelina. I am not sure of her ancestry, but from her DNA, it is clear that she had ancestors from Latvia::

On Chromosome 7, Normunds has an overlap with Rudi:

Rudi has ancestry going back to 1723.

However, when I check MyHeritage, there are other possible relationships to Rudi. This one is called Theory 1:

This relationship would be on my mother’s paternal grandfather’s side, whereas the previous relationship would be on my mother’s  paternal gramdmother’s side.  Plus, I don’t know if I have checked out these different relationships. Altogether, MyHeritage has 4 Theories. It would be beyond the scope of this Blog to check them all out. The bottom line is that I thought that the match with Rudi on Chromosome 7 would give me more definition as to where the match that my mom had with Nornunds came from. However, in this case, due to intermarriage in the Colony of Hirschenhof, it is not clear.

Perhaps Normunds match with my mom on Chromosome 17 will tell us something:

Normunds has a partial overlap with Astrid and a complete overlap with Otis. This is giving a mixed message perhaps also:

Otis’ ancesetry goes back to Schwechheimer (1772) and Gangnus (1780). Astrid goes back to Rathfelder and Biedenbender. Otis has uploaded his DNA results to Gedmatch. If Normunds uploads his results there, perhaps this will reveal something.

Meanwhile, Astrid shows triangulation with my mom and Normunds at MyHeritage on Chromosomes 17 and 19:

Triangulation means that these people all match each other. That means that I would tend to think that the DNA matches between the three of us represent DNA from Johann Jerg Rathfelder born 1752 and his wife Juliana Biedenbender born 1755. Here is Gladys’ DNA profile on Chromosome 19:

Astrid’s Genealogy

In order to sort this all out, I will need to take a closer look at Astrid’s genealogy. Here is what MyHeritage shows:

Ancestry shows this relationship, which I have assumed was right:

The W Rathfelder is Wilhemina Rathfelder. As I recall in other research, there was more than one Wilhemena Rathfelder. I think that the custom was to name the godchild after the godparent, so that may be the source of the duplicate names. Another confusing thing is that Hans Jerg had two children named Johann Georg:

These two Johann Georg’s were born about 15 years apart. That in formation was from this publication:

Based on the underlining, the first Johann went by Johann and the second went by Georg. The father Hans Jerg was also a Johann Georg.

Checking Astrid’s Tree

The best way to check Astrid’s tree is to build my own tree for her. Astrid has that her mother was baptized here:

At the Raduraksti website, I see this Church:

At this site, I found some information on the Spengle family, but I didn’t see Astrid’s mother or grandmother:

This would take a long time to check, so I’ll just assume the connection is right. My suspicion is that there are other connections than just the obvious ones.

Normunds, Gladys and Eva

I wrote a Blog about Eva here. She is my third cousin. Here is where Normunds, Gladys and Eva triangulate on Chromosome 1:

The theory is that shared amount of DNA comes from either Johann Rathfelder or Rosine Schwechheimer:

In that Blog about Eva, I mentioned this family chart:

Did My Great-Grandmother Have a Second Husband Who Ran Away?

The Gustav Rathfelder family lived in Riga and attended St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. I wonder if the +1918 means that my great-grandfather Heinrich died in 1918. I have that he died before 1921. I put this image out to the Latvian Genealogy Facebook page and got these two responses:

“Abgang” is essentially departure — e.g. the +1918 means that Heinrich died in 1918 (and therefore “departed from” the church congregation). I’ll try to take another look at the rest later.

The note next to Marie’s name (above the +1918) says, “married to a Kroeger, missing”. Her husband (first husband? second husband?) is presumably the one who’s missing.
The fact that one of Gustav’s sons is also named Heinrich doesn’t necessarily mean that he was named after Heinrich, though it’s possible. It was a pretty common name, and names often appeared multiple times in the same family without being namesakes in the sense that we’d think of it.

It sounds like Maria Gangnus Rathfelder had a second husband which would make sense if the first one died. He apparently deserted her if I understand the record correctly.

Concerning the comment on naming, I have seen that a child often had the same name as the Godparent. Here is the birth record for Robert Nicolai:

I take #1 above to be the godfather, Nicolai Rathfelder. Further, I believe him to be Johann Philip Nicolai Rathfelder born 1874 to my great-grandfather Heinrich Rathfelder.

Here is a photo of Marie. I assume that it is during Christmas and that she is with some of her relatives:

Marie is second from the left. She was born in 1856, so she would be quite old here.

Gladys, Normunds and Peter

These three people also triangulate at MyHeritage. That means that they all have common ancestors:

This triangulation happens on Chromosomes 7 and 18. Here is my mom’s DNA profile for those two areas:

These two areas represent ambiguous genealogies. Remember Rudi had about 4 ways that he could match. Also Silvia and Patrick could match on two different lines.

Peter’s Genealogy

MyHeritage shows this:

I can try to build a tree to see if I can get any further. I’ll start out on the paternal side. This marriage record is helpful:

However, this has Oleg’s mother as Emilie Grassman rather than Berta. Social Security has this information:

It seems like Oleg has a sister Vera. Find a Grave has more on Emilia:

My tree so far:

Here we see that Emelia was born in Riga:

This could be the connection that I was looking for.  This is likely Emilie traveling from Lithuania to New York in 1955:

That’s as far as I can get now. The connection appears to be with Emilie Grossman or Grassman. One tree at Ancestry has her parents:

Normunds, Gladys and Deborah

Perhaps I don’t know when to give up, but I’ll look at Deborah. These three triangualte on Chromosomes 1 and 9:

Deborah has a meager tree at MyHeritage:

It turns out that I already started a tree for Deborah. However, I couldn’t easily find anything new. Aparently Brigitta was born in Riga.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was happy to find out about another branch of Rathfelder relatives in Latvia through DNA matching.
  • Normunds is my mother’s first cousin once removed.
  • I was able to ‘paint’ Normunds on to my DNA profile as well as my mother’s. It would be possible to add him also to my siblings’ profiles
  • In some cases, due to matches with more distant relatives, it is possible to tell where certain portions of DNA matches between my mother and Normunds come from
  • In other cases, it is difficult to tell for certain to intermarriage in the Colony of Hirschenhof where the Rathfelders and their ancestors lived long ago.
  • I looked at some common matches that Normunds and my mother Gladys have at MyHeritage
  • I relooked at the match of Eva. I found the family record kept by the Lutheran Church for Eva’s great-grandparents. He great-grandfather was the younger brother of my great-grandfather. This record gave the death date for my great-grandfather Heinrich Rathfelder. It also suggests that my great-grandmother remarried a Kroeger who went missing.
  • It appears that there could be more research of the DNA and genealogy to pull these families together.





My Mom’s DNA and Genealogical Connection to Katja

I’ve noticed lately that Ancestry has some helpfull Latvian records. So I have been looking through some of my mom’s Latvian DNA matches to see if I can find out how we are connected.

Katja at MyHeritage

MyHeritage seems to be a good place to find Latvian DNA matches. Katja also has a Theory of Relativity with my mom, but I don’t think that it is right:

I have a different genealogy for my mother:

Besides, why would have a Pfief have a Biedermann for a daughter?

Here is Katja’s tree at MyHeritage:

Katja is missing a maternal side and has additional Hirschenhof ancestry on her Lutz side.

Building a Tree for Katja

I will check out Katja’s genealogical tree by building a tree at Ancestry:

When  I entered Wilhelm Georg Lutz, Ancestry gave me hints for his parents. The hint for Wilhelm Georg is from this tree:

I checked the records at Raduraksti for 1895, but those records appear to be in Russian. I’m not sure if the Ancestry suggestion is correct at this point.

Pauline Rathfelder

Next, I will check on Pauline. Here is a record – perhaps baptismal?

Pauline and Emilie appear to be twins. I see Pauline’s mother’s maiden name as Mattheus, but I’m not sure. Here is the record transcription of their marriage:

This Goerge Ludwig seems the right age to have Pauline in 1879:

Based on the DNA matches between Katja and my mother, I expect that the match is on more than one line:

Sometimes many small matches mean more than one pair of common ancestors going back. So likely, some of the DNA matches represented above are from Lutke and some from Rathfelder- or perhaps even other surname.

A Common Rathfelder Ancestor for Katja and My Mom?

It turns out that I already have a Georg Adam Rathfelder in my Ancestry Tree:

However, this Georg was born in 1798:

I also see another marriage for a Georg Adam Rathfelder:

This marriage was in 1818. So this Georg Adam could have re-married in 1839 or had a son Georg Adam who married in 1839. Fortunately, I have a paper which seems to help:

According to this paper, Georg Adam was actually the son of Johannes Rathfelder born in 1796 I think I’ll go with this paper.

Here is what I have so far:

The Johannes in Line A above was the son of Johann Adam Rathfelder and Anna Catharina Elisabeth Rothweiler. I have Johannes in my tree already:

That should be enough to add Katjia to my Rathfelder DNA match tree:

Katja is my mother’s 4th cousin twice removed on the Rathfelder side.

Back to the Lutz Connection

Here were the hints for Katja’s ancestors from Ancestry:

It seems like two possibilities here:

I see a Gottlieb Hermann and a Gottlieb Otto. Here is a third more likely candidate:

Here is a Peter Gottlieb Lutz who married Elisabeth Hauk (maiden name Herman).

Katja’s Family Tree

I have this so far on Katja’s paternal side:

It would take a while to build all the other lines out as far as Hans Jerg Rathfelder and his Bittenbinder wife.

Painting Katja’s DNA Matches to My Mom’s Profile

Here is what I have so far for my mom:

The first line for each chromosome represents my mom’s paternal matches. The Rathfelder/Bittenbinder DNA matches are in red. As I intimated earlier, Katja’s matches with my mom are probably not all from Rathfelder and Bittenbinder due to the nature of where this family lived. They were in a German Colony and married among their own which means that intermarriage of families normally took place.

My mom is 35% painted overall and 40% painted on her paternal side.

By default, DNAPainter adds matches of 7 cM and over. Here are my mom’s paternala matches with Katja added:

Katja matches my mom on Chromosome 4 at 6.7 cM, so that match did not get added. Here are Katja’s specific matches with my mom:

There is no overlap with the matches Astrid has. Astrid and my mom also have Rathfelder and Bittenbinder common ancestors.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Katja matches my mom at Ancestry and has a Rathfelder in her tree
  • I was able to find Katja and my mom’s common Rathfelder and Bittendbinder ancestors
  • Katja and my mom probably match on other ancestral lines
  • I painted the DNA matches Katja has with my mom on my mom’s profile. Those matches were painted to Rathfelder and Bittenbinder even though they may represent other common ancestors.
  • Without a published document that explains some of the complicated Rathfelder relationships in Hirschenhof, it would have been very difficult to figure out the Rathfelder/Bittenbinder common ancestors that my Mom and Katja have.

Painting My Brother Jim’s DNA

For some reason, I have not gotten around to ‘painting’ my brother Jim’s DNA. This is what I have so far for Jim:

I’ve only gotten Jim up to 2% painted overall and that is just on the paternal Frazer side. It would be fairly easy to improve that.

Jim’s X Chromosome

For fun, I’ll start with Jim’s X Chromosome. This is just inherited from his mother. Jim matches our two Latvian cousins Inese and Anita. That DNA had to come from his great-grandmother Maria Elisabeth Laura Gangnus:

That is because Alexander Rathfelder only got X DNA from his mother Maria. I only painted Inese, because I believe that her sister’s match is very similar.

Jim and Cindy

Cindy is Jim’s first cousin. Normally I would not map 1st cousins as it would just give the maternal side. However, Cindy’s father is Bob and he just got his X Chromsome from his mother, who was Emma Rathfelder. It took me a little while to remember that trick. Here is the match between Jim and Cindy:

Jim is now 3% painted:

Back to Autosomal Matches

The fastest way to populate Jim’s chromosomes is by 2nd cousins. He has a lot of Hartley second cousins at Gedmatch. I’ll just go down Jim’s list of matches at Gedmatch.

Jim’s Hartley 1st Cousins Once Removed

Thes common ancestors between Jim and these older cousins go back to Jim’s great-grandparents: James Hartley and Annie Snell. First, I’ll paint in Joyce:

I picked a washed out color for Hartley/Snell as there will be so many of these. Jim is now up to 8% painted. Actually, Jim’s third Hartley match was with a second cousin. Beth brings Jim’s painted percent up to 12%:

2nd Cousin Catherine on the Rathfelder Side

So far, I have only added maternal DNA to Jim’s X Chromosome. That has Jim only 2% maternally painted. Here is the addition of Catherine in a sort of grey:

This has Jim 7% painted on his maternal side and 15% painted overall.

3 More on the Rathfelder Side

Jim is now up to 19% overall:

I haven’t used the grey color before, so this is new.

Kathy, Judy and Carolyn

I haven’t been able to figure out how I am related to Kathy. I’ll leave her out for now. She is likely a descendant of William Nicholson like Judy and Carolyn are:

However, Judy has closer common ancestors in Annie Nicholson and Jacob George Lentz.

Jim is getting more color and I have added a line between the paternal and maternal side in the key. Jim is now mapped at 21% overall.

Pat, Joan and Martin

Pat is a 2nd cousin on my Hartley side. Joan is on the Nicholson side and Martin is on the Rathfelder side. I know how Pat, Joan and Jim are related. I’ll have to look up Martin. I see that he knew little about his father due to the cold war.

Paul, Robert, Michael, Faye and Ken

Robert is on the Nicholson side, while Paul, Michael, Faye and Ken are on the Frazer side. Michael adds another Frazer ancestral couple:

This shows how Michael and I are related as Jim is not at Ancestry. Richard Frazer has an unknown wife. Ancestry has a guess at Mary Patterson. These matches bring Jim up to 25% painted using the online DNA Painter Program:

Here, I’ve sorted Jim’s key into his four grandparent groups:


With not too much effort, I have gotten Jim’s DNA Painter Map from 2% to 25%.







My New Clarke/McMaster DNA Match at 23andMe

I get notifications from time to time from 23andMe about new DNA matches and I don’t usually know how we match up. Recently I had such a notice of a potential 3rd cousin and I did know how we match.

How Zoë and I Match by Genealogy on the Clarke Side

Zoë and I match by McMaster and I later found out Clarke. I’ll start with the Clarke side. This is the tree that I have so far of DNA relatives on my Clarke side:

Zoë descends from Catherine Clarke and William McMaster on the right side of the tree where I am. It turns out that this is an important DNA match, as I have one DNA match on that side who is Melissa. However, she tested at Ancestry which does not show detailed DNA information like 23andMe does. Zoë  tells me that Violet McMaster is a many times great grandmother to her, so I’ll build down her tree from there.

From what I can figure out this is how we connect:

So it turns out that we are third cousins, but it looks like third cousins twice removed. Our common ancestors are Thomas Clarke and Jane Spratt. When I look at my common DNA relatives with Zoë, Stephen shows up from the left side of the tree. He tested at 23andMe also. Ron from the left side of the tree shows up at MyHeritage.

These two are Zoë’s ancestors William McMaster and Catherine Clarke:

Probably taken around 1882. Reverse of picture indicates that they were engaged “about 1881” and married October 5, 1882.

How Zoë and I Match by McMaster Tree

Here is my existing McMaster DNA Tree:

This tree is larger and needs a road map. I don’t need the left side of this tree for Zoë. The left side of the tree is for a branch of the McMaster family that ended up in Canada. The down arrow is where I need to add Zoë’s ancestor William McMaster.

Zoë and I are at opposite ends of this DNA McMaster tree. We appear to be 4th cousins once removed. Our common ancestors are Fanny McMaster and James McMaster. That means that I am related to Zoë by four ancestors and three out of those four ancestors are McMasters.

Adding Zoë to My DNA Painter Profile

This is my DNA map of known matches:

This shows that I have identified 51% of the available spaces on the two copies of my chromosomes (paternal and maternal). Here is my paternal side where I match Zoë:

On this side I am 57% painted or identified. I’ve checked ahead and saw that Zoë adds new information to this map. That is probably because she represents a new relative on my family trees also.

Here is how I match Zoë at 23andMe:

We match on Chromosomes 3 and 17 and twice on Chromosome 7. the question now is which DNA goes with which pair of ancestors? Chances are slightly higher that I match Zoë by Clarke and McMaster than the second McMaster and McMaster relationship. It is also possible that each of the four DNA segments could represent one of our four common ancestors. The easiest way to identify all the DNA would be to create a new category on my DNA map called Clarke 1823 or Mcmaster 1829.

Here is how Zoë shows up on my Chromosome Map on Chromosomes 3 and 7:

On Chromosome 3, Zoë is a new match. On Chromosome 7, she overlaps with Ron. On Chromosome 3, my match with Zoë has no overlap with other matches. Here is my phased map of Chromosome 3:

This is the portion of my Chromosome I got from my Frazer grandmother shown by the red arrow above. She is the one with Clarke and McMaster ancestors. So it would make sense that I would match Zoë on the right side of the paternal copy of Chromosome 3.

On Chromosome 7, I match Zoë in two areas that are close to each other. The first segment overlaps with a match with Ron. Ron also has Clarke and McMaster Ancestry. It is my guess that that segment triangulates between Zoë, Ron and me:

One More Scenario and Another McMaster Tree

Ron is also related to Zoë and me on the McMaster side, but that brings up another McMaster tree:

I must have planned on meeting Zoë or one of her relatives as I left a space (outlined in an orange box). Here I have added in Zoë:

This connection goes back 7 generations for Zoë. So while this connection is less likely than the Clarke connection, it is still a possible connection. I have a quick fix:

I added 1764 to the possible place that this DNA could have come from. Even that designation is not totally correct as the triangulated  match with Ron could not be from the McMaster born in 1829. Even these designations are simplifications as the DNA could have come from the wives of these two McMasters and one Clarke.

Finally Chromosome 17

Zoë’s match is interesting here:


The place where the DNA changes from Barry to Zoe appears to indicate an old crossover from Barry. A crossover is where your DNA changes from one family to another. The simple explanation woudl be that this is a crossover from the Frazer DNA I got from Barry to the Clarke DNA that I got represented from the match with Zoë.

Here is where that split appears in my tree (see above). With the addition of Zoë’s matches:

That put me up 1% on the paternal side. Overall, I am still at 51% ‘painted’.

Summary and Conclusions

  • The ancestors that Zoë and I share belonged to the minority Church of Ireland in  Roman Catholic Ireland. They tended to marry within their faith, but that resulted in the intermarriage of lines.
  • The Clarke line was not related to McMaster as far as I know in Ireland. However, one Clarke sister married a McMaster in Boston (Zoë’s ancestors) and another Clarke sister married that McMaster’s nephew who was a Frazer (my ancestors).
  • I mapped out the different relationships in one Clarke tree and two McMaster trees
  • Due to the relationships involved, the assigning of the DNA to a patricular couple was not easy. There were a possible three couples that this DNA could represent except for the case where the DNA overlapped with Ron. In that case, the DNA could only be from a possible two couples.


Looking at Some New Theories of Relativity for My Wife’s Ellis Side

I had heard not too long ago that MyHeritage had developed some new Theories of Relativity. These are DNA matches where MyHeritage thinks there is a likelihood that the genealogies also match up. I thought that I would write a Blog while this ‘new’ designation was still new, but it took me a bit longer than expected to write this Blog.

My Wife’s Aunt Elaine

I’ll start with Aunt Elaine.

The New part doesn’t jump out, but it is there.

The Theory has Elaine and Isabel as 1/2 third cousins. I’ll check my Ancestry Tree to see if this makes sense. It doesn’t:

I have Abraham’s father as John Rayner. I had this tree in an earlier Blog on my mother-in-law Joan:

Unfortunately, I missed one of Isabel’s ancestors where the red arrow is. Elaine is Joan’s sister. I assume that makes Elaine and Isabel full fourth cousins. I suppose there could be another connection or connections. Here is a corrected tree:

Adding Isobel to DNAPainter

Here is the new Rayner/Watson DNA added to Elaine’s tree

Here is the same graphic for Elaine’s sister Joan who had fewer matches with Isabel:

This match gets Joan up to 41% painted overall from 40% previously.

Elaine and Mervyn

MyHeritage has this for Theory 1:

I can’t figure out how MyHeritage got this connection. Their Theory 2 and three match what Ancetry has:

The next connection is to Dicks also, but a generation further back from MyHeritage’s Theory 1:


I’ll assume that Mervyn’s connection is on the Upshall side. I’ve already added Mervyn to Joan’s DNAPainter Map. I’ll add Mervyn to Elaine’s map:

Mervyn doesn’t overlap with Barbara, but doesn’t conflict with other more recent Upshall matches.

Elaine and Leslie on the Reinhold Line

Next, I need to verify this connection. I see that Leslie appears on Elaine’s ThruLines at Ancestry:

I’ll assume that Leslie’s genealogy is right.

This match gets Elaine up to 28% painted overall from 27%.

Mapping Leslie to Joan’s Map

This gets Joan up another percent to 42% painted overall. Leslie adds some important DNA to Elaine and Joan’s maternal side:

A Reinhold Tree

I’m surprised that I haven’t built a Reinhold DNA/Genealogy Tree. I’ll do that now. In order to do it right, I’ll try building out Leslie’s tree. Here is a birth record for Leslie’s grandfather Leslie:

I got this far with a fast tree, and it seems OK:

Other Ancestry trees has Lydia’s husband as Frederick John Rhynold born 1792. Here is my Rhynold Tree:

I will expect more additions over time.

Back to the Upshall Family with Betty

I would like to check this Theory. There are a few ways to do this. The best way is to build a tree for Betty back to  the commn ancestors. Or I could build my tree down to Betty. Or I could check Ancestry ThruLines. I’ll start with the ThruLines as they are easiest:

Elaine has 4 matches with descendants of Alexander Upshall, so that is a good sign. Here is a late addition for Theodore from 1951:

It turns out I already had Theodore in my family tree.

Betty adds some Upshall/Dicks DNA to Elaine’s Chromosome 6 and confirms some matches on Chromosome 11.

Adding Betty’s DNA to Joan’s DNA Map

Betty’s match is similar in that it adds some DNA to Chromosome 6 and confirms other Upshall/Dicks DNA matches.

Joanne on Elaine’s Paternal Side

This relationship is supported by Thrulines at Ancestry:

Adding Joanne to DNAPainter

This added a new ancestral couple for Elaine and segments on Chromosomes 1, 4, and 12.

The next logical step is to add Joanne to Joan’s DNAPainter profile:

Joanne’s match gets Joan up another percent to 43% painted overall. This is what 43% looks like for Joan:

Edna on the Dicks Line

It took me a while to figure this one out:

Edna also has a Theory 2 with Christopher Dicks who was the father of this Christopher Dicks:

I haven’t been keeping up with my Dicks DNA Project and had Edna already but as per Theory 2:

Here I’ve added in Edna again:

Finally, I’ll add Edna to Joan’s DNAPainter profile. I turns out I had mapped Edna to the elder Christopher. She would be better mapped to the younger Christopher DIcks. I think I can fix that in this screen:

I searched for Edna on Elaine’s match list but could not find her.

Time to Start a Newcombe Tree

However, Alicia and JP are at Ancestry and I see this for JP at Ancestry:

For some reasons, MyHeritage did not pick up these other connections. I’ll go ahead and map Alicia as Newcombe:

Alicia’s results are very similar to Joanne’s. When I look at the shared matches at MyHeritage, I see that Joanne is Alicia’s mother.  That makes sense based on the results. Of course, that means that JP is Joanne.

Elaine and Diann

Diann has a Theory with Elaine on the headachey Dicks side:


This looks good on the surface, but I don’t have Susan so far on my DNA tree and I don’t see a Susan on the Ancestry ThruLines:

Diann would add new DNA to Elaine’s map, so this would be an interesting connection to track down in the future.

Jacqueline Shows a MacArthur Theory with Elaine

Are these charts faded-looking because they are Theories? My shortcut check for Jacqueline’s tree is by using Ancestry’s ThruLines. ThrulLines shows that Elaine has 155 DNA matches on the MacArthur Line, but 51 of those are on the marion MacArthur Line. Elaine has 20 matches on the Ellen Line.

I see that Jacqueline is actually on the ThruLines:

The ThruLines don’t prove the connection, but strongly suggest it to be right. Next, I’ll compare the DNA with other MacArthur matches:

MG is Jacqueline’s mother. Robert is also a theory with Elaine, but he is MG’s son, so would add no new DNA.

Elaine and Josh Have Three Theories

I am leaning toward this one:

The Harriet Rayner Line is well-represented by ThruLines:

I’ll add Josh to Elaine’s DNAPainter Profile:

It looks like there is a possible crossover between Josh and Josheph. That could mean a few things. One possibility is that Elaine’s match with Josh is on the Simmons side. That would be one explaination of why one match ends where the other starts.

Josh and Joan

These two match on Chromosome 4:

I had already added Josh to Joan’s profile, but I had the match from the older Hopgood/Yeo. I’ll erase this match and keep the one I just added.

David and Joan

While I’m on Joan, I’ll look at this Theory:

The good thing about this Theory is that there are not other proposed theories. Ancestry’s ThruLines gets down to David’s grandmother Evelyn:

I would say that is evidence enough for my purposes of mapping David to Joan’s profile:

It appears that I have already mapped David. When I check more on the earlier David, I see this:

I don’t know why David would have had more matches earlier and why they were mapped to MacArthur.

I tried to see if Elaine had a Theory with David, but I didn’t see one.

Joan and Margaret’s Theory on the Ellis Side

Ancestry’s ThruLines get down to John England:

Margaret adds to the confusion on Chromosome 2:

I could not find this match for Elaine.

Elaine and Ron on the Rainer Side

I have found this Theory to be wrong before.  Ron is the son of Isabel who I have mapped already, so I’ll skip Ron.

Elaine and Randy

He is also at Ancestry:

I have already mapped his father, so I don’t need to map Randy. I should be getting to the end of the new Theories. The smaller match Theories are often not as important as the bigger DNA matches.

Elaine and Rachel

Here is an interesting Threory:

A fifth cousin is pretty distant. I looked to see if there were any Ancestry ThruLines and there were not, so I will put this Theory on hold.  So that covers it for ‘new’ Theories for Elaine. There were others that I didn’t discuss as the genealogy didn’t look right. There is perhaps another connection than the one suggested.

Joan and Wendy

These next Theories should apply to Joan only as I am done with her sister Elaine:

This relationship appers to be supported by ThruLines:

In fact, Alicia is mentioned above in this Blog. Wendy looks to be a 2nd cousin once removed to Alicia. I already have Wendy in Joan’s DNA map:

I’ll need to sort out Joan’s Paternal Chromosome 2 at some point as it is quite a mess:

Summary and Conclusions

  • By now, the ‘;new’ designation is going away, so I was right in trying to look at these before that happened.
  • I assume that Ancestry has the largest DNA database. Because of that it is worthwhile to get a second opinion from Ancestry’s ThruLines, to see if these Theories make sense.
  • I was able to add to Joan and Elaine’s maps as to where they got their DNA from
  • There was some conflicting information such as in the paternal Chromosome 2 above. This is due to intermarriage, or incorrect genealogies or both.
  • The first Theories were the best. The Theories at the bottom of the less were less reliable and/or less helpful
  • MyHeritage has a good combination of genealogical trees and DNA matches with detailed DNA information (unlike Ancestry). This makes them ideal for use with the DNAPainter Program
  • Joan is now at 43% painted overall and Elaine is at 30%





My Mother’s Cousin Dotty’s DNA Results

I have been in touch with my mother’s cousin Dotty about genealogy. She is a busy person and has said she would have her DNA tested. That time has come. Dotty tested at 23andMe where I have tested, but the rest of my family has not tested.

Where Dotty and My Mom Connect

I have a tree that shows genealogy for those with DNA matches. Dotty connects on the Lentz and Nicholson Lines. Here is the Lentz connection:

I have another tree for Nicholson and more matches on that side. I think I have the relationships right, but in one of my emails, it sounds like Dotty may be the sister of Judy.

Dotty didn’t make it to this tree but she would be where the arrow is. Here is the corrected tree:

Dotty’s DNA

Dotty has a lot of DNA in common with me as I am her first cousin once removed. What we don’t know right away is if that DNA is from the Lentz side or the Nicholson side. Here is the graphic from 23andMe:

I match Dotty on 17 chromosomes

Painting Dotty Onto My Chromosome Map

I currently am 49% ‘painted’ using a utility called DNAPainter:

Dotty will add more to the light green Lentz/Nicholson DNA. Here I am starting to add Dotty:

Dotty matches on my maternal side. Her matches show overlap with NicholsHeron and Lentz which makes sense. the overlap with Rathfelder doesn’t make sense but may be small overlaps.

Dotty’s DNA

Here is Dotty’s DNA compared to other Lentz/Nicholson descendants:

On many chromosomes, Dotty extends existing matches or adds totally new Lentz/Nicholson DNA.

Can We Tell Which Parts of Dotty’s DNA are Lentz and Which are Nicholson?

In some places I can tell, in others I can guess.

Chromosome 1

Dotty has two segments of matches with me on Chromosome 1. Dotty’s first match overlaps with Robert, so that makes me think that the first segment is from the Nicholson side. It may be that Dotty’s second match is Nicholson also. That is because Molly overlaps with Robert and Dotty’s second match. I think that the fact that Molly overlaps means that her segment is Nicholson.

Chromosome 2

This is just the first part of Chromosome 2:

Because Sarah and her father Robert descend from the Nicholson side, it appears that this could be Dotty’s Lentz side. Dotty’s match starts and the Nicholson matches start. This could be a coincindence or a changeover (crossover) from Lentz to Nicholson in my DNA.

Chromosome 3

Here, my match with Dotty overlaps with my match with Molly, so we can’t tell what side the match is on. However, my guess is that Jereme and Will have matchs on the Lentz side as they appear to form a crossover between Lentz and Nicholson with John and Nicole.

Chromosome 4

Here Dotty is in the Nicholson camp and Jereme appears to be on the Lentz side. Raimonds is from my mother’s German Rathfelder side.

Chromosome 5

Chromosome 5 is pretty well mapped on my maternal side:

Dotty is clearly in the Nicholson camp on this Chromosome. In fact, it looks like I don’t have any Lentz DNA mapped here unless it is between the other matches. Orange is on my Rathfelder side.

Chromosome 6

Dotty appears to better define the divide between Lentz and Nicholson on Chromosome 6:

Astrid on the right is a DNA match with an old Rathfelder Line.

Chromosomes 7 and 8

Chromosomes 9, 10 and 11

Here we can’t tell where Dotty’s DNA comes from. My guess is that it would be the Lentz side as there is no overlap with Nicholson descendants. We would need more matches to be sure.

Chromosomes 15, 16, 17, and 18

Again, it is difficult to conclude whether the DNA is from the Lentz or Nicholson side. I would expect roughly half from each side on average.

Finally, Chromosome 20 and 21

Dotty is in the Nicholson camp on Chromosome 20. Judith could be on the Lentz side. Dotty adds the first DNA match to my Chromosome 21. That covers all the matches I have with Dotty.

Dotty’s Relatives in Common at 23andMe

Dotty and I have a lot of relatives in common at 23andMe:

This is the first page of people that match both me and Dotty. That means that their match should be either on the Lentz or Nicholson side. Closer relatives could be on both sides. Note that there are at least 10 pages of common matches.

Jennifer and Charles and Placing Relatives in Common

These two in common matches are a bit misleading. They are related on my paternal Hartley side. Yet, somehow, they show as related quite distantly to Dotty. I will ignore those two for now. That leaves 8 people on the first page. The top match is Chris. 23andMe makes a guess as tow here these people fit in using a family tree:

23andMe guesses that Chris descends from Nicholson and Lentz. I know Dorothy and Judith’s parents, so I have them correctly in this tree. Jacob Lentz and Annie Lentz had four children. They were William, Stanley, Agnes and Emma. I descend from Emma on the yellow line above (not shown). Dorothy and Judy descend from William. That leaves Stanley and Agnes. I assume that Will and Jereme descend from Stanley. That leaves Chris who most likely descends from Agnes.

I started a spreadsheet of the Dotty and my Relaitives in Common:

Here is my guess where John fits in:

Nicole shows up as John’s first cousin and Alexander shows as John’s first cousin once removed. that means that they all are on the Nicholson side:

That brings up a problem in that there are many Nicholson relatives, but no only Lentz relatives so far at 23andMe. This is typically due to undertesting of DNA by Lentz descendants or what is sometimes called misattributed parentage.

Page 2 of Dotty’s and My Shared DNA Matches

This is what I get for the first two pages of common matches between Dotty and myself:

There are still no Lentz-only matches.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Dotty’s DNA test was a big help in me getting my DNA from 49 to 51% painted.
  • While I have identified Lentz DNA matches from other sources, I didn’t see any obvious ones at 23andMe. However, it is difficult to determine the genealogy from 23andMe in many cases.
  • Many Nicholson descendants have tested at 23andMe and I was able to identify many of those DNA matches.
  • If Dotty uploads her DNA to Gedmatch, I would be able to make some more comparisons.




Painting My Sister Lori’s DNA

In previous Blogs, I have painted my other two sisters’ DNA. Now I would like tp include Lori. This will finish the painting of all three of my sisters. I will be using a utility called DNAPainter. This is what I have done so far:

Lori is at 4% painted. I would like to get her up into the 30’s. It looks like I was just looking at Lori’s paternal side. This makes sense as my mom has tested for DNA. For some reason, I don’t have a match name for the Mary Pilling DNA.

Adding Cindy’s X Chromosome Match

Cindy is a first cousin. I don’t usually add first cousins, but because the connection is through Cindy’s father, that means that Cindy’s X Chromosome match must be through Cindy’s father’s mother. She was Emma Lentz:

This was a large 100 cM match on the X Chromosome and is the first maternal match that I have painted for Lori. This brings Lori up to 5% painted.

More Gedmatch Matches

There will be a lot of Hartley matches for Lori at Gedmatch:

These Hartley matches are in light blue and bring Lori up to 17% painted, or about half of my goal for Lori.

Filling in Some More X Chromosome at Gedmatch

Notice that Cindy and Carolyn overlap but have different common ancestors. That is because that DNA that Cindy and Lori share from their grandmother Emma Lentz born 1900 is the same DNA that Lori and Carolyn share from either Nicholson born in 1836 or his Ellis wife.

Continuing with Lori’s Autosomal Matches at Gedmatch

Here is Lori at 26% painted:


In the key, I now have the ancestors divided into Lori’s four grandparent groups.

Lori’s Matches at MyHeritage

Lori has this important match at MyHeritage, but the relationship is shown at AncestryDNA:

Stephen is also related:

Ron and Steve are also related through the McMaster line but further back in time.

The McMaster Connection

When I paint Ron and Stephen, I see a connection to Emily who has Mcmaster ancestry:

That means that on Chromosome 13, the connection is most likely on the McMaster side:

I could add another pair of common ancestors to DNAPainter, but I’ll leave it as it is for now.

Marilee’s Theory at MyHeritage

I have  adifferent interpretation:

Marille is in the bottom left of this chart and I am in the blue section. Here we are 6th cousins instead of MyHeritage’s 5th cousins. I painted a segment for Marilee that was 6.7 cM. DNAPainter’s default is to paint only segments of 7 cM and more.

The small segment is in Chromosome 20. The jury is still out on Marilee’s ancestry. I think that I have the best guess. However, I think that MyHeritage’s Theory may be adding some bad information to the internet.

Lori and Warwick on the McMaster Line

I’m never quite sure about some of these older McMaster connections, but I’ll assume this one is right.

Assuming that Margery was not also a Frazer, this puts Paul and Susan’s green matches in the McMaster camp.

Lori at 28% Painted

This is a bit short of the 30% or more I wanted to have for Lori, but I may fill in more later:

Adding Astrid

I forgot Astrid on the Rathfelder Line:

Comparing Lori’s Common Ancestors to Other Mapped Siblings

In a previous Blog, I started this chart:

The coverage of common ancestors for Lori looks good except for Howorth.

Also I see Lori could have more matches under Nicholson and Ellis.

After adding four matches I missed, Lori is still at 28% painted:

This could mean that Lori has a larger percentage of unidentified common ancestors.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I mapped Lori out thinking that I would be able to get in the 30 percent range.
  • I was only able to get up to 28% mapped for Lori
  • It is possible that her unidentified regions are the areas where I have trouble identifying ancestors such as on the Clarke, Spratt and Hartley Lines.


Painting My Sister Heidi’s DNA

In my previous Blog, I wrote about painting my sister Sharon’s DNA. The next logical step would be to paint another sister’s DNA.

Heidi’s X Chromosome

I liked painting the X Chromosome as women have two and men (like me) only have one. My only option is going to Gedmatch to find Heidi’s X Chromosome matches. Another option would be 23andMe, but Heidi has not tested there.

Heidi has some good matches with our Latvian cousins on her maternal side:

We can narrow down the match to my great-grandmother Maria Gangnus due to the way the X Chromosome is inherited.

For the same reason, we can narrow down the match between Emily and Heidi:

The DNA had to come from Margaret McMaster as George did not pass down and X Chromosome to his son James A Frazer.

That match gets Heidi up to 1% painted.

The Easy Part – Hartley Relatives

These matches will go back to my great-grandparents who were a Hartley and a Snell. The top four Hartley matches were three 1st cousins once removed and one 2nd cousin. That got Heidi up to 17% painted:

That is about half as far as I hopep to get. I would like Heidi to get up to 33% or one third painted by the end of this Blog.

Heidi at 26%

Here I have oganized the key and added dividing lines.

Many Relationships are Complicated – Like Otis’

When there are two possible relationships, I choose the closer of the two. Heidi has some good DNA matches to Otis. I gave the match color a bright red as it represents a couple from the 1700’s:

At this point, Heidi is 31% mapped.

An Old Rathfelder Common Ancestor with Astrid

Astrid gets Heidi pretty painlessly up to 32% painted:

I may be able to get beyond my 33% painted goal for Heidi. Astrid also represents the oldest DNA on this map so far.

Here is Heidi at 33% painted:

There are four ancestral groups in the key for three of Heidi’s grandparents but only one group for the Hartley side.

Adding an Old Hartley Line of Howorth

Louise and Anne have their results at Gedmatch:

Theories of MyHeritage

MyHeritage has Theories of Relativity which are likely common ancestors that have DNA matches:

Heidi and Susan have a large DNA match:

Susan adds a lot of Frazer/Mcmaster DNA to Heidi’s map and brings Heidi up to 35% painted overall.

Back to Hirschenhof with Silvia and Leva

Silvia is rellated to my sister Heidi on two different levels. I’ll choose the closer level.

I don’t recall painting Leva before. Perhaps this is a new Theory?


I painted Leva under the same ancestors as Silvia, but another Theory has her connection on the Lutke side.


Does Heidi have any matchs at FTDNA that could add to her map? Ingrid is Astrid’s siters and matches on the Rathfelder line:

Painting this match in gets Heidi up to 36% painted overall. FTDNA also has X Chromosome information.

At this point, Heidi’s map is in pretty good shape:

Comparing Across Maps

The simplest comparison would be between siblings:


Putting the common ancestors in one spreadsheet gives a fuller picture. Now I only have three more siblings to go.  By cross-checking, i can see if I missed any DNA matches.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Heidi’s mapping went faster than Sharon’s for some reason
  • Heidi had fewer Theories at MyHeritage compared to Sharon
  • For Heidi, I checked FTDNA. I didn’t check Sharon’s matches there. I only added one FTDNA match for Heidi, but that also included an X Chromosome match.




Painting My Sister Sharon’s DNA

I have used DNAPainter to paint or map my DNA and some limited painting of my siblings. Here is my profile:

I am currently 49% mapped overall. I have mapped 338 segments and where they belong on my 23 chromosomes. The question is: why then map my siblings. It is for the same reason that siblings are testing. Each sibling inherits different DNA or different mixes of DNA from their parents. I have mapped at least one segment for three out of five of my siblings. I am missing Heidi and Sharon, so I’ll start with Sharon.

Painting Sharon

I start by creating a new map for Sharon in DNAPainter. They want to know if she is male or female, because females have two copies of the X Chromosome and males have only one.

Starting with Gedmatch

One way to start is to look at Sharon’s largest matches at Gedmatch. I want to paint matches that share a unique grandparent. I’ll start with my father’s cousin Joyce:

Joyce and Sharon share James Hartley and Annie Snell as ancestors. Joyce brings Sharon from 0% to 8% painted. The color is different than what I have on my profile for Hartley and Snell, but a light color is good for more recent ancestors. Adding my father’s other 2 first cousins brings the total for Sharon up to 12% painted.

Two Gedmatch Matches on Sharon’s Maternal Side

This brings in some more color to Sharon’s Map:

Sharon is now 18% painted overall.

Plugging Away Down Sharon’s Gedmatch Match List

Here is what I have down to Emily at Gedmatch. Emily is related on the Frazer/McMaster side:

This gets Sharon up to 27% painted. I have not yet looked at Sharon’s X Chromosome. The best place to look at X Chromosome matches is at Gedmatch, but Gedmatch is not working this morning.

Sharon’s Theories at MyHeritage

MyHeritage has a useful utility called Theories of Relativity. Here is one for Sharon:

I’ll paint in Sharon’s match to Susan under George Frazer and Margaret McMaster. Here are Susan’s matches with Sharon highlighted just under Frazer/McMaster:

Sharon and Sylvia

This gets Sharon up to 29% painted overall:

I’d like to get Sharon up to 33% painted. I split the ancestors up into the four grandparent groups.

Back to the X Chromosome

Sharon matches our Latvian cousins Inese and Anita on the X Chromosome:

This brings up an interesting point. Alexander and his brother Leo only got their X Chromosome from their Gangnus mother. That means that Sharon’s match with Anita and Inese is from Maria Gangnus.

The X is a large chromosome. When we miss that one, we miss a lot of DNA.

Sharon and Emily

The same is true of Sharon’s match with Emily:

Because Sharon’s great-grandfather was James Archibald, James only inherited the X Chromosome from his McMaster mother:

Emily gets Sharon up to 30% painted.

Sharon and Cousin Cindy

Because Sharon’s cousin Cindy is related on her father’s side, that narrows down the X Chromosome match once more:

The match between Sharon and Cindy has to come from Emma Lentz and not her Rathfelder husband:

At this point, the oldest DNA I’ve mapped for Sharon is from 1777 and the newest is from 1900.

Interesting X Chromosome Matches for Sharon on the Frazer Line

It turns out that Sharon matches Madeline and Charlotte by the X Chromosome:

Both these matches are on the right side of the X Chromosome. It looks like it would be difficult to connect the genealogy:

Assuming that this tree is right, that means that we cannot connect at the top of this chart. The X Chromosome inheritance cannot pass beyond where I have the X marks. A weak link is the wife for Archibald Frazer born about 1792. We can do some ‘what ifs’. Suppose that Archibald’s wife was the sister of my ancestor William McMaster. Then the common ancestor could be the mother of Archibald Frazer’s wife and William McMaster. There would be many other possibilities.

Sharon also matches Charlene:

I have this tree for Charlene:

Unfortunately, it is not consistent with my previous tree which has Michael Frazer as the father of my ancestor Margaret Frazer. It would be nice to be able to reconcile these trees and families.

Back to the Autosomal DNA: Sharon and Otis

Sharon and Otis match a few ways:

Otis gets Sharon up to 31% painted overall:

Sharon and Barry

I think that this tree is right. Barry is in the green and Sharon and I are in the blue:

Astrid on the Rathfelder Side

At this point, the Gedmatch matches are beginning to peter out.

Back to MyHeritage Theories and Silvia

I’ll show Sylvia on my own chart:

Sylvia’s relationship seems a bit obscure. Here is what MyHeritage has:

I’ll add her to my Biedermann tree as the Gangnus one is getting complicated:

Now that I added Silvia, I see that I was in the Gangnus tree twice, so that makes sense.  After all that, I see I already added Silvia to Sharon’s DNA Map.

Ursula: A Schwechheimer Match

I’m tempted to say that Ursula’s tree is fine. Here is another possibility which brings up issues for DNA Painting:

I’ll skip painting in Ursula’s two small DNA matches with Sharon for now. I do note that her matches are near or overlapping Silvia’s matches.

Sharon and Warwick

I think that Warwick’s genealogoy is OK. The Ancestry ThruLines seem to support this Theory:

Warwick’s match with Sharon shows that her matches with Paul and Susan are on the Mcmaster and not the Frazer side.

Sharon and Bruscia

I think that this Theory left out a generation:

I have this tree, but it is not certain. I’ll go with the assumption that it is right. This small match brings Sharon up to 32% painted overall:

John on the McMaster Line

I painted a match similar to this one earlier in the Blog:

This match confirms the earlier match with Warwick. I had wanted to get Sharon up to 33% painted but she is 32%. One more percent to go.

Getting Sharon Up To 33% Painted

So far, I have used Gedmatch and MyHeritage Theories of Relativity. If Sharon has common ancestors at Ancestry that have posted at Gedmatch, then that would be a good source of mapping. The problem is connecting the two as the names very often do not match. Another was is to look at Gedmatch for people who have family trees.

Sharon and Michael and Jane

Michael is in my Frazer DNA Project:

Looks like I cut off Sharon. Michael adds a paternal segment of 20 cM on Chromosome 10. While I am on Frasers, I see Jane at Gedmatch. Sharon has basically the same relationship with Jane that she has with Michael.

Sharon and the Howorth Connection

Here is how Sharon matches Louise at Ancestry:

Sharon and Louse are 5th cousins according to this. The Howorth family is on my Hartley side. I also see Anne who I believe is Louise’s sister. I will paint them in as they are both at Gedmatch:

Ron at MyHeritage

Ron is from another catergory. His information is at MyHeritage but he doesn’t have enough of his tree down to create a Theory of Relativity there. Ron’s tree shows himself and an unknown father. Here is how Ron is related to Sharon on the Clarke side:

Sharon and Ron also have a more distant relationship on the McMaster side.  Sharon and Ron are third cousins once removed. Ron should bring Sharon up to 33% painted:


DNAPainter gave the new Clarke/Spratt matchs a bright pink color. The largest match was on Chromosome 10. The match on Chromosome 16 appears to be wrong as it overlaps with a Hartley match:

There is a likelihood that small matches may be false matches. For that reason, matches under 7 cM are not used for mapping. This match was 7.6 cM.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I was able to go from zero to thirt three percent painted for Sharon
  • Painting the paternal side of Sharon’s X Chromosome was interesting as that is not an option that I have for myself
  • Some of Sharon’s X Chromosome matches show relationships on the Frazer side that are difficult to figure out by the genealogy.
  • Starting Sharon’s tree was easy but got more difficult as I got closer to 33% mapped. I had to use different techniques to find mappable matches.
  • Sharon is 38% mapped paternally and 27% mapped maternally
  • The key to the map shows that htere were only two Hartley ancestral couples mapped but 8 Frazer couples mapped. I think that the Hartleys had some small and/or understested families



Adding to my Ellis Mother-in-Law’s DNA Map: Part 2

Here is Part 1. In Part 1, In that Blog, I looked at MyHeritage Theories of Relativity for my mother-in-law Joan.

Looking at Gedmatch

Gedmatch provides good information, but the most likely combination would be Gedmatch and Ancestry. However, it can be difficult to match the two. Here is a match for David at Gedmatch:

This appears to be David’s tree at Ancestry:

Laura shows as being from PEI, so that would be a good start. Here is what I get for a tree:

That means that David’s common ancestor with Joan is Malcolm MacArthur and Ann MacDougall. David’s matches with Joan overlap with other matches except for the end of Chromosome 18:

Repairing Some Broken Theories at MyHeritage

Here is Joan’s match with John:

It doesn’t make sense. It looks like two women were married and gave birth to Malcolm. First, I’ll build out a tree for John:

This is John’s maternal side:

Here I found some interesting information:

According to ancestry James Ellis was the father of Alexander McDougall.

Here are the crazy results I get:

That means that John would be a fourth cousin twice removed to my mother-in-law Joan:

It seems like John and Joan share a lot of DNA for that distant a relationship, but I will try painting them in to see what happens:

On Chromosomes 17 and 18, the match is bumping into MacArthur/MacDougal DNA which makes sense given the genealogy. However, I was not able to easily figure out a common ancestor on the MacDougall Line. The match, though confusing, got Joan up to 34% painted paternally and 40% overall.

These results appear to be supported by AncestryDNA’s ThruLines:

Untanglling a Rayner Mess

MyHeritage has this wrong Theory:

This is the DNA/Genealogy tree I have so far:

Here, I’ll add in Jason:

However, I see a problem in that he has MacArthur ancestry also. Jason and Joan are 4th cousins once removed on the Rayner Line.

It turns out that there is an Ellis connection on the MacArthur Line:

It turns out Jason is a fourth cousin three times removed to Joan on the Ellis Line:

I’ll go ahead and paint in Jason on the Rayner Line as that is a closer relationship. Here is how Jason looks in DNAPainter:

He has no overlap with Joseph on Chromosome 7. That means that Jason has new Rayner DNA or that he is overlapping on other ancestral lines. Here is how it breaks down:

On Chromosome 1, Jason’s match probably represents a crossover between Rayner and Ellis

On Chromosome 4:

Here Jason is outnumbered by Ellis matches, so this is probably his Sarah Ellis DNA. Same problem on Chromosome 6:

Chromosome 14:

The overlap with blue means that Rayner is right here. It takes some time to tease out the genealogy and DNA.

Robert with Three Theories

I must not have painted Robert previously because he had three theories. I will paint the closest match now:

Here is Robert on Chromosomes 3 and 4:

Chromosome 3 probably represents Joan’s crossover between Ellis and Gorrill. Or it could be Robert’s older match. Here is one of the two older connections:

Chromosome 4 is confusing because Jason’s red was meant to be Rayner. If I corrected Jason’s segment is should be gold color or tan.

Again, Chromosome 15 is difficult to interpret:

The match appears to represent a crossover, but I’m not sure which one. This could be Ramsay DNA or Ellis/MacArthur. The other confusing part is that Ramsay is back on the MacArthur Line.

Unraveling Another Mess MyHeritage PEI Theory

This can’t be right as it appears to show that Ellen MacArthur had two children the same year with different men. The connection appears to be on Donna’s paternal side:

When I build out my tree the closest connection I see is here:

There is another connection but it is another generation out on the Yeo side:

I’ve started a DNA/Genealogy tree for MacArthur which is sure to get bigger:

Joan and Donna are 4th cousins once removed. I think that Donna and Joan are 6th cousins on the Yeo Line. Here is where Donna matches on Chromosome 17:

Donna appears to add to the evidence that John’s match should be on the MacArthur side. Of course, at this point, I don’t remember who John is!

Detangling Mona’s Tree at MyHeritage

Joan’s side appears right up to Malcolm MacArthur except that his daughter should be Marion MacArthur. This is what I got by building out Mona’s tree, but I couldn’t find any familiar surnames:

Actually MacDougall is familiar, but I don’t know where the connection is – probably way back. I’ll give up on Mona for now.

Christopher on the Rayner Line

Time to pull out my Rayner DNA/Genealogy Tree:

When I do, I see that I missed Jason’s ancestor Silas Rayner. Here is Christopher added:

Here is Christopher painted on Chromosome 6:

Here Christopher, who does not appear to have Ellis ancestry like Jason, is correctly on the blue Rayner side.  At this point Joan is up to 35% painted on her paternal side.

Lauren on the Rayner Line

Lauren has two Theories at MyHeritage – both on the Rayner Line. Here is Theory 1:

Lauren is on the Silas Line which I already looked at. Lauren should be more closely related to Jason above. MyHeritage shows that she is, but without triangulation. Actually Lauren has three Theories with Joan, but I will go with the tree that I have already made for now and assume that the connection is with Edward Rayner born 1775 and Mary Watson. Here is Lauren in my Rayner DNA/genealogy Tree:

Lauren’s match on Chromosome 1 shows a possible issue:

Her match overlaps on the Ellis/Gorrill side. This suggests that Lauren could have a match on Joan’s Ellis/Gorrill side or that there could be some other connection. The other two DNA matches are not in areas with other matches, so there is nothing to compare them with:

George on the Ellis/MacArthur Line

George is painted onto Chromosomes 1 and 18:

George’s match with Joan on Chromosome 18 appears to indicate that the match is on the MacArthur side. That is due to the overlap with pink matches.

A Rayner Connection with Roy

The tree associated with Roy at MyHeritage ends with Eva Dawson:

Eva’s marriage record gives a Rayner for her mother:

When I build out part of Roy’s paternal side, I get this:

This shows the confusion at MyHeritage between Edward John Rayner Jr and John Rayner. I can add Roy to my Rayner DNA/genealogy Tree:

I have three sons of Edward John Rayner that I have been tracking via their descendants’ DNA. My ancestry tree has 10 children of Edward John Rayner.

Roy’s DNA match with Joan overlaps with Lauren’s match which is good. This actually ties the three Rayner lines together. This brings Joan’s painted paternal matches up to 36%. The Rayner family was large, so there are likely many more DNA matches out there.

Summary and Conclusions

  • DNA Painting is a good way to get an understanding of how your relatives fit in
  • DNA Painting points out places where there are multiple common ancestors. In some cases, it makes it possible to sort out which DNA comes from which which common ancestor when there are multiple pairs of common ancestors.
  • DNA matches tend to favor the more prolific lines
  • I wanted to get Joan up to 40% painted and was able to do this. However, it took longer than I thought
  • Using MyHeritage is a good way to paint matches as there is already some genealogy and they have the DNA matches in detail. The Theories are not always accurate, so need to be checked. I think that Ancestry’s ThurLines are one way to check the genealogy along with creating trees to flesh out the trees of the DNA matches.