A New MacMaster DNA Match at Gedmatch with Clarke and Spratt Ancestry

I have a new MacMaster DNA match at Gedmatch. However, this match is also at Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage. Here is what Ancestry shows:

We are third cousins, but we are also related on the McMaster side:

As shown above, Ron and I are fourth cousins once removed on the McMaster side. This makes sorting out the DNA difficult. However, I am more interested in the Clarke connection as I have a lot of missing information on my Clarek and Spratt ancestry.

MacMaster DNA

I am really interested in the Clarke DNA. However, it would seem that anyone that I have a known Clarke DNA match with could also have McMaster DNA.  Here is where I match this MacMaster according to Gedmatch:

I had previously used DNA Painter to show where this match was Here is the paternal side of my Chromosome 4:

The green and yellow matches are on my Hartley side. However, the blue DNA should represent either Thomas Clarke or Jane Spratt:


However, there is a more distant amount of McMaster in there because Ron’s great-grandmother Celia Clarke married Edward McMaster:

This shows that Ron is my 4th cousinn once removed and Stephen is my 5th cousin on the McMaster side. Still, the chances are that matches with MacMaster represent Clarke or Spratt more than McMaster.

More Clues from Ancestry

I feel like Ancestry has the most matches, so it is a good place to look for clues. As the McMaster who is the subject of this Blog is my largest match, I’ll start with him at Ancestry. It would make sense to try to sort out those matches between Spratt and Clarke as those are the two most recent ancestors that this McMaster and I have in common.

Clarke or Spratt?

I should have shared matches with my good MacMaster match that are either Clark or Spratt. By using a spreadsheet, I can separate those matches by color. This is a variation of the Leeds Method:

I’m trying to come up with a spreadsheet that will work well. I’ll use a blue color for Clarke and a different one for Spratt.

I’ll start with Lori and Nina:

Nina appears to be a Spratt and is a shared match with my MacMaster match:

My Leeds Chart is a little compicated as it includes 5 siblings. My assumptions are:

  • shared matches between my siblings and me and Nina will be on the Spratt side
  • Spratt is not related to Clarke
  • Clarke is related to McMaster so those shared matches could have McMaster also
  • Ideally, there should be a group of Clarke DNA matches that match me and each other and a group of Spratt DNA matches that match me and my siblings and each other.

My Shared Matches with Nina

Here are a summary of my findings:

I decided to go with just my matches for now as it was too messy having all the siblings there. There were similarities in the trees when the trees were givien. Note that I have not yet identified any Clarke matches.

I decided to add the strength of the match in cm:

Looking for the Clarke Side

I don’t see any matches that are obviously Clarke. That means that I need to find matches that are not in common with the ‘in common’ matches to Nina and the above Spratt matches.

I’ll start with Cheryl. She is a shared match with MacMaster and matches me. Here shared matches do not seem to coincide with Nina’s, so I will make an assumption that she matches me on the Clarke side. Unfortunately, she does not have a tree at Ancestry.

Here is what I am guessing is the Clarke side:

The problem is that none of the DNA matches that have trees have Clarkes in them. The common name in the trees that match the blue side appears to be Lougheed or Loughead.

Here is the tree I have for my great-grandmother:

My knowledge of this branch of the family does not go back very far. Here my assumption based on family trees is that the Spratt side is represented by my orange matches and Clarke by the blue. But where would Lougheed fit in? Assuming that Whitesides is right, that would leave the mother of John Clarke or the mother of Catherine Whitesides.

A Blue Side DNA Match at 23andMe

I made a note at Ancestry that my blue side match, L.S., also tested at 23andMe. I hope the match is still there. That match had this person in his tree:

Unfortunately, I cannot get into 23andMe. The Company instituted extra security on their website and it is creating a problem for me to get to that site.

More Lougheads

Here is Ballybrennan::

This location is interesting to me as Ballybrennan is South of Collaney which is the area that my Clarkes were from and West of Kilmactranny where my Frazers were from.  However, Frazers should not be related as the connection between Frazer and Clarke was in Boston, Massachusetts.

Cheryl has many what I call blue matches.

Here I have also added some shared matches from D.E. The last match is interesting as there is a connection with Hugh Lougheed from 1750. He appears to be the same Hugh said to be born 1752. Here is what jreaton’s tree shows:

From the trees and the DNA matches, it is likely that this Hugh Lougheed could be an ancestor of mine, but I cannot tell where the connection is. It is possible that this Hugh had another daughter who married and stayed in Ireland.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Based on my most recent common ancestors with MacMaster, I should have matches on the Clarke side and the Spratt side
  • I found DNA matches with a group of people who have Spratt ancestry
  • I found another group of DNA matches who do not match the Spratt matches but have Lougheed in their genealogy.
  • I found a Lougheed side match that was also at 23andMe
  • It would be interesting to find out which chromosomes are Lougheed and which are Spratt.

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