My Emmet ThruLines

I am interested in looking into Emmet ThruLines. Just for fun, to see what comes of it.

Emmet Genealogy

This is from my Ancestry Tree:

My second great-grandmother Ann Emmet was born in 1829 in Bacup, Lancashire.

Emmet ThruLines

Here is what my father’s cousin Joyce has going back to Edmund Emmet born 1727:

My father’s cousin Maury has a similar set of ThruLines with one additional person added:

I was excited to look into this because I do not believe that I have made an Emmet DNA/Genealogy Chart yet. Also in looking into this Blog, I saw an interesting tree that appeared to have great research.

My Family’s ThruLines to Edmund Emmet Bory 1727

I don’t have any, but my sister Heidi does:

Heidi adds the match Julia.

My brother Jon has money 40.

My sisters Lori and Sharon have no ThruLines at this level like me.

Maury and Banker

I’ll go with Banker’s Tree as she has as good one:

Her tree goes back to Alice Emmett. I also see the Pilling name which pops up a lot.

This death certificate for Rowland gives his parents’ names:

Here is the family in 1881:

I think this is Shawclough:

We next need to find Joseph’s mother. According to the 1861 Census, Joseph’s mother was Alice, born in Haslingdon:

Here is the marriage record which mentions Alice Emmett:

The Census records have Alice from Haslingdon:

The Alice Emmet to Richard Emmet Connection

This connection is not as clear to me. The Trees at Ancestry have the connection, but they do not say how they got there:

1811 was before Civil Registration and apparently there have been no records found. That is when I submit that DNA evidence can add to the evidence that this is the correct Line.

Here is the summary of Richard Emmet from the Smith Tree at Ancestry. That is the tree that I looked at and found to be very well researched:

Edit: Through subsequent conversations with David, the creator of the Tree above, he tells me that there is a will that connects

A Geographical Check

If Richard and my ancestor Edmund Emmet were brothers, they would have had to have lived in the same area. Sounds basic. Here is Richard’s baptismal record, looking quite old:

This baptism happened at Goodshaw, St. Mary and All Saints. Here is Goodshaw:

The Tree above has Richard from Lumb or Water and born in 1767. I have that my ancestor Edmund Emmet was born in 1759 in High Edge Goodshaw. Here is the baptismal record:

Due to a search on Google, I see that this should be Hugh Edge.

I don’t know how accurate these house renditions are, but they are interesting. Perhaps the Emmets lived in one of these houses around 1767. As Edmund and Richard were baptized at the same Church and had the same parents, I assume that they were brothers.

Emmet DNA/Genealogy Map

Turns out I already had Richard in my Ancestry Tree:

Here is my tree:

This is not actually perfect as Banker was a match to Maury, my father’s first cousin. This should more accurately display the relationships:

Now that the line from Banker to Richard seems likely, the other lines should follow. As the Stansfield tree seems well documented, I will add Anne and money40:

Keep in mind that not all the people on my side of the tree match all the people on the Richard Emmet side of the tree, but a lot do.

Heidi and Julia

My sister Heidi has a ThruLine with Julia that I have not evaluated:

Julia has a huge family tree with over 33,000 people in it. Of interest to me are Julia’s DNA designations on her tree:

That tells me that Julia is perhaps thinking like me in using DNA as evidence to support her family tree. I do see Betty Emmet in the records:

Here is Loveclough:

I also caught Lower Hugh Edge at the bottom right of the map. Based on this information, I am tempted to not bother verifying Julia’s tree and just accept it.

Here my Emmet DNA/Genealogy Tree appears to be finalized for now:

Bonus on Isaac Emmet

From mucking around the tree which I mentioned above that David built, I found a Willl for Isaac Emmet (or Emmett):

Isaac was my third great-grandfather. I am not sure that I was aware of this document before. Or if I was, I don’t recall it. This is certainly Isaac, as he was from Stubby Lee.

Here is the Mary Stott mentioned in the Will:

Mary was the one taking care of the rest of the family in 1851 when the father was a servant at Stubbylee Hall. I wrote a Blog about this in 2018.

Although Mary is shown as the head, I note that the whole household was working. My second great-grandmother Ann must have been second in command.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I looked at DNA matches to two of my father’s cousins on their Emmet ThruLines
  • I checked one line going back to Richard Emmet that seemed to be likely based on location and the same parents.
  • That connection lead to common ancestors of Edmund Emmet born 1727 and his wife Mary Omerod
  • The first connectionwas on a Stansfield Line which seemed well documented. There were two other Stansfield Line DNA matches which I added to an Emmet DNA/Genealogy Tree
  • I then added a line which went back to a different daugther of Richard Emmet born 1767. This daughter was better documented than the daughter that produced the Stansfield Line.
  • These four DNA matches as well as other Ancestry Trees support the Emmet genealogy I have done previously.



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