Fred’s DNA Match to Me on the Snell Side

I have been messaging Fred since 2015, as he has a pretty good match to me at Ancestry:

Fred has a private searchable tree and another tree. However, it took a little extra searching to find Fred’s public tree:

Also Fred has Shared Matches with me with a person who has Snell ancestry and another with Luther Ancestry. Here is Harriet Blivens in my tree:

That means that the common ancestor between me and Fred is Anthony Snell and Betsy Luther.

Here is part of my Snell DNA/Genealogy Chart:

I circled where I am and where Harriet Blivens is.

I need to add in Fred under Blivens:

This shows that Fred and I should be 4th cousins once removed. The other shared match at Ancestry that Fred and I have is Jessica. Jessica is a third cousin once removed to me and 4th cousin twice removed to Fred.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I did not check Fred’s genealogy, but from the shared DNA matches I have with him, it seems like our genealogy must match up
  • The couple that Fred and I have as most recent common ancestors are Anthony Snell and Betsy Luther.
  • Anthony Snell was a prominent citizen of Dighton. He served in the Revolutionary War as a young soldier and lived until the age of 90.



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