A New McMaster Match?

DNA has been helpful in sorting out my McMaster Genealogy. One of my success stories has been in finding and sorting out this branch of my McMaster ancestors:

I had known about Fanny as she was the mother of my 2nd great grandmother Margaret McMaster who married George William Frazer. However, I did not know that her father William McMaster married a Margaret Frazer and moved the family to Canada minus Fanny. Fanny stayed back and married another McMaster!

Sharon’s New DNA Match with a Potential McMaster Descendant

My sister Sharon mathces scon:

Here Sharon and scon show as 5th cousins. Let’s check it out. Unfortunately, scon’s tree is private. It turns out that my sister Lori and I also match scon.

Checking Out Scon’s Tree

I don’t usually build down from my tree, but I will try doing that this time. I’m pretty sure the tree is right as scon and my familly’s shared DNA matches are from the McMaster Line. Here is what I have:

Somewhat confusingly, my 3rd great grandmother married a James McMaster and one of the children of William and Margaret McMaster was James.

The William McMaster side of my tree needs updating. I already have Maude on my Excel DNA/Genealogy Chart:

Here is William’s marriage record:

Here is the family in 1880:

This index shows Maude married an Allen:

This appears to be Hazel in 1910:

This is not the best way to make a tree (from the top down):

Here is the record of Hazel’s marriage:

I assume the Beth in this record is the Elizabeth at Ancestry:

Adding Scon to My McMaster DNA/Genealogy Tree

Shared DNA Matches with Scon

These were my shared matches with Scon:

I haven’t figured out how I match with Sue and Sue manages S.C. Robert and mt are children of Robert Trent above.

Here are my sister Lori’s shared DNA matches with scon:

My sister Sharon has this shared match that is different than the others:

His tree also goes back to James McMaster on his maternal side:

Here is a summary of my family’s shared DNA matches:

Gibbs on the chart above was the match to my sister Sharon. I could have drawn all the lines up to William McMaster and Margaret Frazer, but I decided to show all the intermediary common ancestors.

Summary and Conclusions

  • scon adds another piece to the Mcmaster Puzzle
  • scon is a second cousin to Robert and mt
  • Robert and mt are also shared DNA matches between scon and some of my family
  • keith is a shared match between scon and my sister Lori. Keith descends from James and Fanny McMaster on the tree above
  • jb or Giffs is a shared match between scon and my sister Sharon.


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