Does My Mom Connect with Nicholson Through a DNA Match with Thelma?

This is a long title. Some of the experts may say that it would be impossible to answer the question in the title of this Blog. However, my mom matches Thelma and the computers at Ancestry have made a connection to Nicholson thusly:

Thelma appears to be having a toast. Cheers, Thelma!

Thelm shows as a half 5th cousin. I believe that is only because I have not identified Elizabeth Nicholson as a child of John and Hephzibah:

However, if Elizabeth was born in 1758, she would fit into the family time-wise.

Thelma’s tree shows that her father was from Sheffield:

My mom and Thelma do not show any shared DNA matches. This would make sense as my mom and Thelma share 14 cM. Shared matches must be 20 cM or more.

Thelma’s Genealogy

Thelma shows no Nicholsons in her genealogy. However, her tree at Ancestry does not go back that far. Here is Lawrence with his parents in 1939:

Mark Parker

I’ll move on quickly to Mark Parker. Mark was quite young in 1891:

The previous page of the Census reveals his parents:

Henry was a ‘bon scale cutter’. However, now we want to follow his wife Emily. Ancestry gives this hint:

This matches what Thelma has in her tree. Though not shown above, when I click on the link for Emily Wallace, it shows her father as Mark Wallace.

Mark Wallace

This appears to be Mark Wallace in the 1841 Census for Sheffield:

It appears that his father had passed away. However, according to Thelma’s tree and Ancestry, we want to follow Mark’s mother Elizabeth next. She would have been born in the 1700’s. This appears to be Mark’s baptismal record from the Sheffeildindexers website:

Next, it would be nice to find a marriage record for James Wallace and Elizabeth. I did not see a marriage record at the Sheffieldindexers site. I took the hint that Ancestry had for Elizabeth as Elizabeth Davenport.

I see an Elizabeth Davenport in the Sheffield Indexers:

However, this Elizabeth is a generation too late. The 1861 Census indicates that Elizabeth was born in Sheffield:

Here is a hint for Elizabeth’s birth:

Elizabeth Davenport is already past Thelma’s tree.

Is Thomas Davenport’s wife Elizabeth Nicholson?

I suppose I am not really given certain proof, but just showing probably cause in this Blog. I just realized I was looking in Baptisms in the Sheffield Indexer, when I should have been looking for Marriages. Unfortunately, I could find neither Thomas Davenport nor Elizabeth Nicholson in the 1700’s period I am looking for. Here is where Ancestry gets the original matchup:

This is from one reference. The daughter Elizabeth matches up well with birth and death dates of 1786-1862. The reference in the Shaw Family tree is this:

Does this imply that this was Elizabeth’s second marriage? The Shaw tree refers to another tree owned by Deborah. Deborah matches my mother also by 11 cM, but the connection is shown differently:

This further confuses the issue:

  • If Thelma and Deborah match each other, then the above connection could be wrong and my mom may match both Deborah and Thelma through Sheffield
  • Thelma and Deborah may not match each other
  • Both genealogical connection could be right.
  • One connection may be right and the other wrong.

Based on the genealogy I know right now, I would guess that the Deborah connection back to Lentz may be right. However, I don’t see clear evidence that Thelma’s genealogy goes back to Nicholson unless I am missing something.

Summar and Conclusions

  • These connections from Ancestry are worth pursuing
  • Thelma’s genealogy in Sheffield seemed right but the clues dried up at Elizabeth Nicholson
  • I did not look at all of Thelma’s lines, so there may be a connection on another Sheffield Line.



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