Tracking Down Shadlock Genealogy on My Hartley Side

I have a DNA match with a few people with some Shadlock genealogy. These matches are important because they have shared matches with people that appear to go deep into my Hartley ancestry. Here is one of the matches with my father’s cousin Joyce:

Shadlock Genealogy

This is the tree of the match on her maternal side where Lillian Jess is the match’s maternal grandmother:

I had started my own Shadlock research and would like to look further.

Elizabeth Ellen Shadlock Born 1875

Here is Elizabeth:

My possible relative. She married Manuel Jesse in New Bedford, MA in 1894. That record gave her parents names:

In 1900, Elizabeth was living on Belleville Ave in New Bedford with her family.

We see that her mother was living with them also at the time.

Alice died in 1903 in New Bedford:

Here her maiden name is given as Alice Walker and her husband as William Shadlock. This is a bit of conflict with the Mariiage record where Alice’s father is given as John Shadlock. This is further confused where her death record gives her father’s name as Shadlock:

I believe that her Father’s name would likely have been Robert Walker and her mother’s name Elizabeth Fouler (or Fowler).

[Edit: After looking at other entries of the New Bedford Death records, I see that the name in quotes is actually the maiden name and the first name is the married name. However as Elizabeth and her daughter went by Shadlock, it is possible that Elizabeth never married her daughter’s father – or if she did, she kept her maiden name for some reason.]

Here is the record showing mother and daughter traveling to Boston in 1887:

Ancestry gives this 1861 Census hint for Mary Shadlock:

If Mary was a Shadlock, that would likely mean that she was single mother. This record appears to apply to Elizabeth Ellen Shadlock:

This means that Elizabeth Ellen was born later than thought or that she was baptized at about age 4 and that her death record in New Bedford would be correct. Another possibility would be that Mary Alice was a single mother and that she later married William Walker Shadlock?

Here is the actual record showing she was born earlier:

I suppose that one interpretation would be that Mary Alice was a single mother and that William Walker was the father that she is naming in the baptismal record..

A Marriage Record for Mary Alice Shadlock?

The records for civil registrations of marriages for January through March 1875 show this entry:

Following the Robert Shadlock Line

Let’s assume that the Robert Shadlock in the 1861 Census is the same as the one mentioned in Alice’s death record. I now have this tree:

The potential parents in green do not sound familiar. That means that the Hartley connection could be with William Walker – assuming that he is really the father of Elizabeth Shadlock. Here are a few possibilities for William:

The Accrington Connection and Ashton-under-Lyne

Here is Accrington:

My Emmet ancestors were from Bacup in the SE portion of the above map. My Hartley ancestors were from Trawden in the NE portion of the above map. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place as the later location for the Shadlocks was in Ashton-under-Lyne:

Here is William Walker in the 1871 Census:

Note that in the top right, the Parish is St. James which is where Elizabeth Ellen Shadlock was baptized. That puts this William as the best guess for Elizabeth’s father. He is a coal miner and his father (also William) works for a butcher.

Playing Out William Walker’s Genealogy

Here is the 1861 Census:

William’s mother was Jane, but I can’t make out where she was born. The transcription has it as “On the Sea of Kent”.

Here is the 1851 Census:

Again, I can’t make out where Jane was born. The second part seems to say “Irish Channel”.

Here is a possible marriage for the elder William:

Unfortunately, there were many Janes who married William Walkers in the Manchester area.

Here is my best guess for a family tree for Elizabeth:

More on Shaerd Matches

My father’s cousin has a shared match with this Shadlock descendant:

Here the connection is through Pilling only as Wilkinson was a second marriage after Hartley (my connection). That means that the Shadlock descendant genealogical match is likely going back to Pilling at some point. Mary Pilling was from Trawden Lancashire. So that likely places where the connection is.

Summary and Conclusions

Although I have not found a genealogical connection corresponding to my DNA match, I have a better understanding of why I cannot find the connection. It appears that Elizabeth’s father was William Walker. However, Elizabeth did not take the family name. Further, Walker is a farily common name, so difficult to trace. If more could be found on the birthplace of Jane Walker, that could shed some light on the genealogy. It seems that the census records are saying that she was born on board a vessel at sea.

In summary, it seems that there was no father in life of Elizabeth Shadlock and no husband around for her mother Mary Alice Shadlock. This perhaps caused economic hardships. My guess is that Mary Alice thought that she and her daughter would do better in New Bedford, so they moved there in 1887.



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