More Thru-Lines for Heather and JJ

In a few previous Blogs, I have looked at some of Heather and JJ’s Thru-Lines. It would be worth looking at all of them – especially the ones with hints for ancestors I don’t have in their trees.

JJ’s ThruLines

Here are a few couples to consider:

Galuszka and Zaychowska

The Thru-Lines use the same DNA matches and people that were in my previous Blog. Also the genealogy is from a tree that I used from the previous Blog. Apparently Jacek who researched these lines found some of his information from MyHeritage:

I take it that reading Polish would be helpful in this area. This couple would have also been born in the 1700’s.

Here I’ve added Sebastian and Regina to Heather and JJ’s tree:


Here is George Savage suggestion born 1765:

For a recap, Jane Savage was the grandmother of Louisa Gatley:

Louisa Gatley was the mother of John Cavanaugh. Jane Savage was from Warrington, Lancashire. One of the trees with George Savage is linked to JJ by DNA. That is the tree of DR:

DR has that George was married to Alice Brown who was born in 1765. I do see a couple with those names at a Lancashire Online Parishes website:

However, they must have been older than 12 when they married. Here is an Alice Brown born earlier than 1765 in Warrington:

So right now the Brown Line is winning the race to the right. Peter Brown is Heather and JJ’s mother’s mother’s father’s mother’s father’s mother’s father’s father or 6th great-grandfather if I got it right.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Using Ancestry suggestions under it’s Thru-Line listings, I was fairly easily able to add some ancestors on my children’s Polish and English lines
  • Ancestry suggests evaluating these suggestions. One of the suggestions conflicted with another Ancestry suggestion, so this was a good idea.
  • Part of the evaluation is evaluating the quality of other people’s research.
  • The Polish ancestor suggestions were covered by good genealogy. The English Thru-Lines ancestor suggestions did not seem to have the level of quality in the research. Apparently trees copied other trees instead of looking into the genealogy. I was able to consult a Lancashire Online Parish website to augment the research for the Ancestry Thru-Lines suggestions.







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