My Children’s Morrow Ancestry

In this Blog, I had gotten stuck on my children’s Morrow ancestry. Here is the sticking point:

Here Leona is my children’s maternal great-grandmother or their mother’s mother’s mother. Up until last night the Mary A was only a Mary A. Now I Have her as a Cousson or Cosson.

Joseph F Morrow 1863-1924 and Dennis

Josephs’ Naturalization Petition was helpful. In that petition, a Dennis J Morrow vouched for Joseph. I found a second marriage for Dennis in 1916 in Dracut for Dennis that listed his parents as:

Here was a last name for Dennis which made me believe that he was Joseph’s brother. The last name is difficult to read. The transcriber has Cosson. I saw Cousson. However, I wouldn’t rule our Caisson or other possibilities. I further found Dennis being married for the first time in 11 Jan 1880 in Lowell to a Sarah F Whalen. At that time his last name was listed as Morrows or Morrowes. Finding Dennis doubled my potential for finding out more about this family. This family was French Canadian, so were they really Morreau or something else?

More on Dennis J Morrow

I couldn’t find Dennis in the 1880 Census, so I added an ‘s’ to the last name and he showed up on Worther St in Lowell:

Living in household were also his brothers Joseph and Charles as well as his brother-in-law Timothy. By now, Dennis’ mother and father had died in 1876 and 1879. That put young Dennis in charge of the family.

Worther is probably Worthen. Here is 67 Worthen St on a current map:

St Patrick Cemetery Lowell

I read somewhere that the Morrow’s were buried at Saint Patrick’s Cemetery:

Here is a listing from the St Patrick Cemetery web site:

I see Dennis and Joseph buried there, but not Charles:

Dennis is in Yard 4, Range 24, Lot 2 and Joseph in Section C Lot 148:

Here is Lot 148 for Joseph and his wife Nellie:

The Yard maps are not yet available online.

Morrow in the City Directories

The Lowell Directory shows these Morrow’s in 1875:

The question is, is this the same John Morrow that we are looking for? Recall above that Dennis J Morrow was living at 67 Worthen Street near Merrimack in 1880. This was likely the same place they were living with the mother Mary A Morrow died in 1876:

Here is a John Morrow in 1861:

I don’t think that an iron moulder would later be a painter, but it is possible. Matthew Morrow was a long time bleachery worker. The 1865 Census shows that the iron moulder John was born in Ohio:

This is probably the Matthew Morrow from above:

However, I have trouble finding him in the Census. I was hoping that he would be related to the Morrow I was looking for. However, his father was also a Matthew:

The ‘good’ news is that we eliminated two Morrow’s from our search.

Is Morrow French Canadian?

I did find this entry in the Lowell Directory for 1886:

This name would be French. However, my chidrens’ Morrows have names of John, Dennis, Charles and Joseph which are either English or Anglicized.

That leads me to this 1870 Ward 5 Mareau family:

The interesting thing about this record is the change from Canadian to Massachusetts births. This happens some time between 1862 and 1866.

The 1870 Lowell Directory has one Morrow:

I suspect that Hugh is related to Matthew above. Here is Hugh in the 1870 Lowell Census showing he was born in Ireland:

Another Morrow eliminated from contention.

The Timeline and Placeline So Far

  • John B Morrow (or Moreau?) is born in probably Quebec about 1832 to another John.
  • He marries Mary A Cousson (or variant of that name) say around 1855
  • They have at least three children in Quebec between 1857 and 1865
  • They family probably arrived in Portland, Maine in 1866
  • The family moves to Lowell
  • Mary A Morrow dies in 1876 on Worthen Stree in Lowell
  • The father John B Morrow dies in Lowell in 1879
  • In 1880 Dennis J Morrow marries Sarah Whalen from England and heads up the Morrow household at 676 Worthen St, Lowell

A Second Marriage for Dennis J Morrow

Does this 1916 Lowell marriage give us any hints?

Here is a different take on Dennis’ mother’s last name:

This is not necessarily the right spelling for Mary A’s last name, but it is the clearest. I checked around for the Cassion name and saw one instance where it was a form of Cashen.

More On Dennis

  • Dennis applies for citizenship in 1879, the same year his father dies
  • Here are the two brothers in 1896 
  • In 1900, Dennis is living at Mount Pleasant in Dracut when he is a witness for his brother Joseph’s Naturalization Petition
  • On the 1900 Census, Dennis shows that he was born in October 1857 in Maine as were both his parents
  • The brothers in 1903 
  • When Dennis remarries in 1916, he gives his birthplace as Canada
  • Here is Dennis in 1918 
  • Dennis J is listed in the 1920 Lowell Directory as a loomfixer
  • In 1920 Dennis states again that he is born in Maine and that his parents were both from Canada and English speaking
  • Same in 1921 
  • In 1930, Dennis is living on Pinkney Street in Dracut. Here he says he is born in Maine but his parents are both born in English Canada

This card seems to indicate that Dennis was from Great Britain:

Stuck Again

I have a better feel for the Morrow family now in Lowell. I found two possible names for Mary A. I found two more brothers to Joseph. However, one brother Charles remains a mystery with only one record showing for him. Perhaps, I will revisit the Morrow family at some time in the future. A trip to the records office in Boston for the death records of Joseph and Dennis Morrow may reveal more information on their parents.

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