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I had an email recently from Butler researcher Peter with a big find:

While I was getting ready to write this Blog, I came across another surprise. This was from the Charlotte County, New Brunswick records:

Anne Butler

Let’s start with Anne. I think that this record should say that her parents were Edward Butler and Mary Crowley. Perhaps this is Julia Ann who was three in 1860 in Cincinnati. If they are the same, This Anne would have been born about 1857 and would be about 44 in 1904.

But was Julia born in New Brunswick or Elizabeth City, NJ?

Here is a Julia in Nelson, New Brunswick:

William was widowed.

This is likely Annie who was a single laundress in 1901:

This is also likely the same person in 1896 in St John:

Just to be confusing, FamilySearch has a different version of the marriage license:

Now Anne is from Boston. I thought that this would be a lot easier.

Anne’s Death Record

One genealogy has Anne dying in Taunton, MA in July 1918. I did find a death record, but is this the right person?

This is a very confusing record. I’ll look at this closely:

  • Taunton was known as Taunton Mental Hospital. Could she have been in Taunton for the ‘senile psychosis’?
  • Husband Silas B. Deshon – As far as I know, there was only one Silas B Deshon. There is a listing for Silas in the 1919 Taunton Directory:

  • ‘Hannah’ was in the hospital for one year and two months. Silas apparently moved to Taunton for part or all of this period to take care of his wife.
  • Hannah is about 63. That would put her birth at 1855. I have about 1857. By the way, this is the first time I have seen her name as Hannah.
  • Birthplace: Elizabeth, NJ – This matches with one of her marriage records.
  • Father: Daniel O’Leary – No idea where this came from.
  • Mother: Mary Croak – This matches her marriage record. Julia Ann’s mother was Mary and her grandmother’s maiden name was Croak or Croke.
  • Place of Burial: New Britain CT – I don’t know the reason for this. This could be something to follow up on.

My conclusion is that this is the same person as the Julia Ann Butler in the 1860 Cincinnati Census – assumed to be the daughter of Edward H Butler and Margaret Crowley. The informant was hospital records, so that may explain some of the confusion.

Edward Butler’s Naturalization Papers

I had assumed that Edward Butler would have applied for Naturalization some time while the family lived in the Chicago area in the 1870’s. It turns out that he applied for US Naturalization much sooner than I realized.

This means that Edward was in the US for the 1850 Census. It also means that he came from Ireland to New York in 1843 then to Boston to St John to Cincinnati to Chicago and back to the Boston area.

Here is one possibility for Edward:

That seems to be this Boston couple from 1855 but the age differential has changed:

Here are the two that vouched for Edward:

These two look to be John Ryan and Hugh Gray.


Here is a 27 year old Edward in working at a farm in Dedham:

This is possibly the same Edward in 1855:

Edward Butler in the Boston Directories

Here are the entries for 1848-1849:

Here there are only three choices. Edward was probably a laborer and not a clerk. Below, I show that the Edward I’m interested in lived at 9 Belmont next to Hugh Gray at 8 Belmont Street. That means that the 44 Vine Edward is not ours. That means that the Edward at 18 Washington moved to 9 Belmont or moved out of the area and our Edward moved in in 1849.

Here are some Edward Butler’s from the 1849 Boston Directory:

My assumption is that the Edward I am looking for was a laborer. 9 Belmont seems to be in Charlestown:

There is a 44 Vine Street in the South of Boston:

1851 Boston Directory

This list is similar except there is an additional laborer at 18 Stillman in the North End of Boston:

Here is Hugh Gray in 1851:

Fortunately, there was only one Hugh Gray in the Boston Directory. That means that our Edward must have lived at 9 Belmont Street – unless this is a great coincidence.

There are many more John Ryan’s:

Here is Hugh Gray in the 1850 Census in Boston Ward 8 right next to Edward Butler:

Hugh married Ann Carr in Roxbury in 1847:

One would think that Ward 8 would be in Charlestown, but it isn’t:

Sorting Out Belmont Street

I assume that there was a Belmont Street in Boston that isn’t there today. Charlestown is not in Boston. The 1848-1849 Boston Directory gives the location for Belmont Street:

Here is where Edward and Hugh lived:


I would say based on proximity, that our Edward lived at 18 Washington Ave in 1848. That would be when he was 21. In 1856, this area was in Ward 7:

Edward Butler in 1850 and 1855

Unfortunately, the 1850 Census does not show relationships? Who was Bridget Butler – a sister or wife? Also Hugh Gray was from Canada. Would Hugh have influenced Edward going to Canada?

There is an Edward Butler and Bridget in the 1855 Massachusetts Census which reflects June 1 of that year. I have that Edward Butler married Mary Crowley on 1 May 1855 in St John. That means that at least the Edward Butler in the Massachusetts Census of 1855 is very unlikely to be the one that I am interested in.

The Boston Directory 1852

This is back down to four entries.


I see Edward is still at Belmont in the 1856 Directory. Does this mean we have the wrong person?

It could mean that the 1856 Directory was a bit behind the time?

In 1856 Edward’s friend Hugh is here:

1865 Boston

I didn’t expect to see Edward at 9 Belmont.

Edward’s living in Boston could explain why he put down Boston for his wife’s and daughter’s birth in the 1870 Cincinnati Census:

Summary and Conclusions

  • The big news is the finding of Edward Butler’s Naturalization papers. This ties him down to Poulrone, Kilkenny Ireland and Boston around 1850 and gives some specifics as to how he got to the US.
  • Previously, I had thought that Edward had emigrated from Ireland to St. John, New Brunswick, as that would have been a normal point of entry. Edward apparently went against the tide and went from Boston to St John, married, had two daughters there and then moved to Cincinnati, then Chicago and then back to the Boston area.
  • The discovery of the Naturalization record lead to the discovery of Edward Butler in the 1850 Census in Boston where he was living with a Bridget Butler, one year younger than Edward. She also was born in Ireland.
  • Julia Ann Butler was born in New Brunswick about 1857 and showed up in the Cincinnati Census of 1860. After that I did not see her and suspected that she had died young. However, I discovered that she married Silas DeShon in St. John in 1904 at about the age of 47.
  • I further followed up on an Ancestry Tree lead and found a death record for Julia Ann (Hannah) Butler DeShon.


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