Bonnie’s Frazer ThruLines and An Update On Beverly’s

In this Blog I would like to look at Bonnie’s ThruLInes. Here is Bonnie on my Frazer DNA and genealogy chart:

I circled Beverly as I already looked at her ThruLines here. It took two Blogs to write about Beverly’s ThruLines. The connection of Beverly and Bonnie to Archibald Frazer and Catherine Knott above is quite certain. However, one other Frazer researcher has the connection after that going up to a different Frazer couple:

Bonnie’s Frazer ThruLines

Bonnie’s ThruLines are based on her genealogy going up to Michael and Margaret Frazer. That could cause some bias toward that outcome, but we will see.

Bonnie’s ThruLines with her second cousins are not in question, but it is always good to go from the known to the unknown in genealogy:

Bonnie’s Third Cousin ThruLInes

At this level three additional people are added:

I mentioned Beverly above. Then there are two more people from the Catherine Frazer Line. Bonnie’s tree has Catherine as Catherine Peyton Frazer, but Frazer researcher Joanna points out that the Peyton is not correct as that is from a different Catherine Frazer. Someone added a photo of Catherine Frazer’s daughter Rachel Patton from NO’s ancestry:

LO and NO are from two different lines as Catherine Frazer married a Pattison (aka Patterson) who died. She then married a Patton.

Here are Bonnie’s ThruLines so far in a chart:

This means that Bonnie’s match with Gary and Judith indicate a second cousin match 62% of the time. Bonnie’s match with Beverly indicates that her 39 cM match indicates a third cousin 13% of the time. It would have been more likely for the two of them to be fourth cousins. 22% of the time a 39 cM match indicates a 4th cousin relationship. That means that they don’t have the most likely match level for third cousins, but still a likely match.

Bonnie’s Third Great-Grandparents

Here is something I had not considered:

At this point, Bonnie has another likely Frazer ancestor in Elizabeth Frazer. This makes life confusing. According to Frazer researcher Joanna, Catherine Knott was either a daughter or niece of William Knott and Elizabeth Frazer. The scenario showing in ThruLines has Catherine as a daughter. Another point is that Michael and Elizabeth Frazer were siblings. Looking at ThruLines by way of William Knott and Elizabeth Frazer do not add any more matches.

Here Bonnie has six additional matches.

Bonnie appears to have strong ties with the Patrick Henry Line of Frazers. This is good based on the fact that there are records for a both a Patrick and a Fitzgerald born to a Michael and Margaret Frazer:

14 Dec1803  b.         Patrick s. of Michael and Margaret                        Eastersnow   

16 Dec1803  bpt.      Patrick s. of Michael and Margaret                        Eastersnow                                                                    

2 Apr 1804    b.         Fitzgerald s. of Michael and Margaret                  Eastersnow   

5 Apr 1804    bpt.      Fitzgerald s. of Michael and Margaret                  Eastersnow   

Frazer researcher Michael was fortunate to find such early birth and baptismal records from Eastersnow Parish in North County Roscommon. However, it is curious as to how these two children were born less than four months apart from each other.

Mary Frazer

Mary is a new addition to the Frazer DNA/Genealogy Chart. Joanna added her in to explain DNA matches to descendants of Catherine Matilda Fraser. Frazer researcher Joanna made an educated guess that Mary Frazer married William Frazer shown below:

That translates to these two ThruLine matches for Bonnie:

Bonnie’s ThruLines with James Frazer and a Surprising Match

Here are Bonnie’s ThruLines up to her 4th great-grandfather. Bonnie has five matches. The surprising one is with Brittney:

Brittney and Bonnie have a 60 cM match which is very high for a 5th cousin once removed. AncestryDNA only gives statistics up to 5th cousin. According to the ISOGG web page, 60 cM is not unheard of for fifth cousins once removed:

Here are the matches charted out:

What if Bonnie Was In the Tree of Archibald Frazer and Catherine Peyton?

I mentioned early in this Blog that at least one researcher has Archibald Frazer and Catherine Peyton as the parents of Bonnie’s ancestors Archibald Frazer and Catherine Knott. It would be possible for me to test out what would happen if we put Bonnie there.

That scenario would replace Archibald born about 1792 above with Archibald Frazer and Catherine Knott. The effect is that Bonnie would be more closely related to those on the Frazer/Peyton Line and further related to those on the Michael and Margaret Frazer Line. There is no need to change Bonnie’s ancestry to see what ThruLines will do. I think that this would be the result. The original analysis is first and the new one second:

It appears that Bonnie’s original genealogy has a slight edge based on the ThruLines. In the analysis above, she has four rows of green where she has the highest probability for the relationship. In the analysis below she has two. I added up the probabilities for each scenario. In the original scenario, the percentages added up to 215. In the alternate scenario, Bonnie gets a 211. There is not much difference there. This analysis quantifies my previous observations that the matches between the Archibald Line and the Michael Lines are pretty even.

Comparing Bonnie’s and Beverly’s ThruLines

Beverly and Bonnie are third cousins. I had written two Blogs on Beverly’s ThruLines, but they have since changed. Also, it appears that Beverly’s DNA may not have been attached properly. I have her mother as Edith Frazer. In the ThruLines below, Edith shows incorrectly as Beverly’s grandmother:

That means that Beverly would be a second great Aunt to Krista and Jordan rather than a 1st cousin twice removed. Also, I show Beverly’s maternal grandfather as Fitzgerald – not Alexander Frazer:

Apparently there was an Alexander with a daughter Edith but not Beverly’s Edith. Beverly’s Frazer side was from the Parry Sound area of Ontario:

For further out ThruLines, the tree corrects itself somehow. Here Fitzgerald Frazer is correctly shown as Beverly’s grandfather:

Here is my new summary for Beverly’s Frazer ThruLines:

Mollie is in a pink color. Her ThruLine has gone away since my last Blog on Beverly. This is good because I couldn’t explain how her Robert McMaster ancestor fit in. The yellow matches are new since my last Blog on Beverly’s ThruLines.

Combining Beverly’s and Bonnie’s ThruLines

A few observations:

  • Beverly has 21 Frazer ThruLines compared to Bonnie’s 14.
  • Bonnie and Beverly don’t share many ThruLine matches. I am not sure why that is or whether they should. They both share Brittney who is the most distant relative.
  • The numbers seem good for the relationships. This tells me that the DNA evidence supports the trees we have.
  • Under the Michael and Margaret Frazer common ancestors, there is a good mix of matches from their children: 8 for Patrick (who is the same as Henry Patrick); 6 for Margaret Frazer; 2 for Mary (recently added in as a hypothesis) and one for Fitzgerald.
  • I didn’t do the reverse analysis for Beverly that I did for Bonnie. That was the using the assumption that the 4th cousin matches descended from Archibald of Tullynure rather than Michael Frazer. One of the problems I find with that assumption is that it does not account well genealogically for the many DNA matches that have been considered. In other words, all these Frazer descendants came from somewhere and under the alternate assumption, it is unclear how these people would fit in.

Summary and Conclusions

  • In this Blog, I looked at Bonnie’s ThruLines.
  • Bonnie’s ThruLines support the tree we have for her descending from Michael and Margaret Frazer.
  • I did an analysis of what the DNA matches would look like if Bonnie descended from a different Frazer Line. The matches were close but not as good as for her descending from the Michael Frazer Line. Also I didn’t like the genealogy for Bonnie being in a different Frazer Line as I couldn’t see how everyone else could fit in with her being there.
  • Next, I did and update for Beverly’s ThruLines. Beverly and Bonnie are third cousins.
  • Beverly had more matches than Bonnie. Her matches were consistent with Bonnie’s.
  • It helped to combine the two results. This method should work in other lines.


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