Back to the 1700’s With Joyce’s DNA

I was looking at Joyce’s Shared Ancestor Hints today at AncestryDNA. Joyce is my father’s first cousin. Here is an interesting match that Joyce had with Skylar:

This shows that 7 generations ago, Joyce and Skyler had the common ancestors of Samuel Snell and Mary Head. Samuel was born in 1708 and lived most of his life in colonial times. Samuel’s father was also a Samuel. He ran a tavern in Newport and is mentioned in many court cases. Here is a court case where the younger Samuel is also mentioned:

Samuel Snell of Newport, vintner, vs. Thomas Huxham of Newport, butcher, in the custody of the sheriff, for £17:2:9 due by book for money paid, wood, and drink sold and delivered and work done by book for money paid, wood, and drink sold and delivered and work done by the plaintiff’s son and servant Sam at sundry times beginning 16 October 1725 and ending 14 September 1726. Writ dated 16 February 1726[/7]. Accounting dated 8 March 1726/7 included a cord of walnut wood at 12s, money “paid John Platts on your account … my son Samuel helping you,” etc. Credit: mutton, veal, beef, etc. Several bills in the file.

The son and servant Samuel would have been 17 or 18 at the time of incidents mentioned above.

Colonial DNA

Along with the genealogical match there is also a DNA match to Skylar. I found Skylar also posted at Gedmatch. He and Joyce have this match:

Painting Joyce

This DNA can be painted to Joyce with a web tool called DNA Painter.

This is what Joyce’s colonial DNA looks like. This DNA is from Joyce’s Maternal side, so it is painted on the pink part of her Chromosomes 7 and 12. This is less than 1% of Joyce’s DNA. The further back in time the matches are, the smaller the matches are.

Some of Joyce’s English DNA To Go With the Colonial

Here is another of Joyce’s matches. I am more interested in her maternal side as that is where I am related.

This is a closer relationship. James Howorth was born about 1768 and lived in Bacup, Lancashire County, England. Anne is from New South Wales and is a 4th cousin once removed to Joyce.

This gets Joyce up to 1% painted:

Joyce’s Paternal Side

This is the side I’m not related on:

Here is Joyce’s 4th cousin. They appear to be related three different ways, but i’ll just pick the closest relationship. This appears to be Sumner at Gedmatch. Here is the DNA that Joyce and Sumner share at

Now Joyce is all the way up to 2% painted:

The light green didn’t show up well, but it is on Joyce’s paternal side. It is possible that some of these segments could go to Joyce’s other common ancestors with Summer, but that would have to be sorted out later.

Sumner and Joyce Have an X Chromosome Match

Summer and Joyce also match here:

The X Chromosome is interesting as it can only be inherited certain ways. Here is Sumner’s maternal side:

I have circled the likely path of X Chromosome inheritance for Sumner. The X could not be from Philip Winslow as the father does not pass down an X Chromosome to the son. Therefor, it is likely that this match comes from Lucy Chase.

This gets Joyce up to 3% painted. However, I have made a mistake as Lucy is on Joyce’s paternal side.

Summary and Conclusions

  • I started painting Joyce’s DNA
  • I painted two maternal matches and one paternal match
  • The paternal match (Sumner) also had an X Chromosome match with Joyce. This made it possible to trace that match to one likely ancestor instead of an ancestral couple.
  • All this DNA is from people who were born in the 1700’s.

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